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Ricketts is bald-faced lying about his Nazi

Let’s just be blunt. Governor Pete Ricketts did not just have an actual Nazi as his Field Director, he is now blowing smoke up Nebraska’s ass about it. Don’t worry, it’s not that reefer smoke they have in Colorado!

Here’s what Ricketts’s office said in his press release this week:

“The staff person, Bennett Bressman, 22, of Omaha was a volunteer who was subsequently paid as a field staffer for seven months to do field work on the Governor’s reelection campaign. His responsibilities included distributing yard signs, as well as facilitating campaign volunteers and interns who did outreach to voters and walked at parades. His employment with the Governor’s campaign committee ended in December 2018.”

What, me hire a Nazi?

Guys, he just distributed yard signs and coordinated parade walkers! What could be more benign for a bro Nazi working on your campaign? Lay off already.

Except not so much.

On the evening of May 7, 2018, Bressman took to his pathetic chatroom for neglected white boys and gloated that he had just scored some seriously damaging video of the Democrat running for governor in his state. He didn’t know when it would be deployed, he explained. The campaign might hang onto it for the general election.

Posted at 8:07 p.m. CST on May 7, 2018. (Timestamp is Greenwich Mean Time).

Lo! And behold! In September, the Ricketts campaign releases “damning” video of Bob Krist, the Democrat running against Ricketts. The video shows Krist pouring himself a drink at the bar at Billy’s Restaurant, the hangout for Nebraska legislators. And then, an hour and a half later–in other words, when a standard drink would have been metabolized by a normal liver–Krist is filmed getting into his car. Quelle horreur! A man had a drink at a bar, then waited a responsible amount of time before driving off! For this, the Ricketts campaign cooked up the moniker “Tequila Bob,” which is about as clever as you’d expect from a bro Nazi and a mediocre billionaire putting their heads together.

And when was this footage they dropped in September timestamped? May 7, 2018.

So let’s cut the shit here. This Aryan youth was, as he himself said, doing oppo research and dirty tricks for Ricketts, and was part of the strategy conversations about their deployment. That’s a hell of a lot more than yard signs and parade walking.

In fact, in late June, the Ricketts Nazi claimed to be running Ricketts’s Twitter account. Either the account posted nothing the date he made this comment, or it has since been deleted.

Ricketts’s Field Director mentioning his access to Ricketts’s Twitter account on June 28.

So now let’s just think one more time about that brick thrown through the Nebraska Republican Party window in Lincoln on July 2. The one that mysteriously was not caught on any surveillance cameras, even though the innocent chaps at the NRP headquarters had already reported a heinous act of vandalism when someone spray-painted “RESIST” on their office, but were quite considerate enough to keep it on the glass for easy cleanup.

Brick smashes through window, “ABOLISH ICE” is painted on the sidewalk, where it’s probably the city’s problem, and immediately out rolls the Victim Show, with a presser complete with podium in front of the smashed glass. Ricketts demands that the Democrats denounce the “lawlessness in their party” and every fragile Republican up to Hannity expresses pure righteous teeth-gnashing outrage at the near civil war that has taken to the stained patch of sidewalk on N street in Lincoln.

In the middle of all this, the certifiably non-Nazi campaign manager for Democratic congressional candidate Jessica McClure, Sydney Butler, had the brazen gall to respond to this display of victimhood with a “meh.”

“Vandalism is not my thing, but I’m not going to lose any sleep at night knowing this was done to bad people,” Butler said on social media, having the nerve to say exactly the thing this situation called for.

So of course the NRP Deplorables set upon Butler, directing their trolls her way, chopping the context from her quote, and demanding the Democrats do some soul-searching… because a woman said something just flat-out true and appropriate about their bullshit, all while their leadership included at least one actual Nazi.

Sydney Butler, non-Nazi campaign manager for Jessica McClure, caught red-handed saying something absolutely normal. Her unedited quote:
“Which is more immoral…breaking windows or breaking up families fleeing violence? Vandalism isn’t my thing, but I’m not gonna lose any sleep at night knowing this was done to bad people.”

This is what Ricketts’s Field Director was posting a couple weeks before his boss insisted Democrats “take a serious look at the rhetoric within your party”:

How dare you call this guy “bad people”?

So back to our original point. Ricketts is a lying liar telling lies. Just like all those mediocre kids whose celebrity parents bought and bartered whatever was necessary to lift their talentless offspring into paths to success, so, too, did our mediocre, lying, Nazi-conspiring governor rise to his office only by the largesse of daddy. And we get what they paid for.