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Dem Primary Recap: Nebraska Women Slay!

Nebraska, gurl, WHAT?

Honestly, what just happened yesterday in Frostlandia? Did we really, truly just send the best and brightest and female-est candidates on to the general election in November?

Answer: Yes. Yes we did.

Let’s take an Alicia Keys break to celebrate.

Yeah. Women put their feet on the ground here in Nebraska, and they’re not backing down. Not one bit.

Okay, time for a Dem primary election recap, and this one is delightful.

At the risk of crowning myself as some kind of political oracle, while also definitely not refusing the title, I fucking called it. If you missed my pre-election post where Seeing Red endorsed womankind as the only possible savior from the political dumpster fire ignited by the rancid garbage bag of sweaty posterior hair known as Donald Trump, I’ll let you catch up.

(And we do salute the awesome Democratic male candidates too. We really do. There are some really great ones. But the story this year is females* running the ballot, yo.)

Here are the list of women Seeing Red Nebraska endorsed for offices all across the land, who have advanced to the general election in November:

  • Jane Raybould, US Senate
  • Kara Eastman, Congressional District 2
  • Jessica McClure, Congressional District 1
  • Christa Yoakam, Public Service Commission
  • Jane Skinner, Auditor of Public Accounts
  • Maureen Nickels, State Board of Education
  • Deb Neary, State Board of Education
  • Elizabeth O’Connor, UNL Board of Regents
  • Barb Weitz, UNL Board of Regents
  • Shannon Coryell, Legislative District 4
  • Susan Lorence, Legislative District 2
  • Machaela Cavanaugh, Legislative District 6
  • Megan Hunt, Legislative District 8
  • Mina Davis, Legislative District 8
  • Wendy DeBoer, Legislative District 10
  • Jackie Collett, Legislative District 20
  • Stephanie Nantkes, Legislative District 24
  • Patty Pansing-Brooks, Legislative District 28
  • Marsha Fangmeyer, Legislative District 38
  • Stephanie Malcolm, Legislative District 44
  • Rachel Garver, Lancaster County Treasurer

(Fun fact: Seeing Red went 21/22 last night…Thanks to a fan for keeping us honest)

We Can Do It

I would like to give mad props to Legislative District 8, where voters will get to choose between two, count them two, great women come November. And to the fine people of North Platte and Judy Pederson for getting her name on the ballot for the general election to unseat the unicameral resident troll known as Mike Groene after launching a write-in candidacy. While we don’t typically endorse Republicans, we have to acknowledge that Pederson has played a key role in many of North Platte’s successes over the years and they are lucky to have her on the ballot.

The entire state is cheering you on, Judy.

We also celebrate Bob Krist and his lieutenant governor Lynne Walz moving on to the general. Krist, a former Republican who originally announced his bid to unseat Governor Voldemort, Chief Death Eater, as an Independent candidate, switched to the Democratic party to improve his odds as a candidate. His choice of Walz as Lieutenant Governor was an inspired one, and we at Seeing Red have long been fans of Krist’s bipartisanship and statesmanlike candor in the unicameral. He’s the real deal, and he picked a great running mate.

We also celebrate Native American candidate for Lower Platte South NRD Subdistrict 1, Mechelle Sky Walker, for pulling in more votes than both of her opponents in that race. And while we’re at it, let’s also celebrate Spencer Danner, a black man who will go up against Bob Evnen in the general election to hold the Secretary of State’s office. Read Ari Kohen’s article about Evnen here, and remember that the secretary of state is in charge of one of the most basic tenets of our democracy: the right to vote.

And can we stop for a moment to celebrate the fact that Andy Stebbing will not appear on November’s ballot here in Lancaster County?

We’ll wait here while you finish up the happy dance you’re doing now that you know you’ll never have to write that name on a check when you roll in to the DMV in the near future.

Wow. You kinda dance like Elaine Benes.

Okay, wrap it up.


Sure. Fine. One last little dance.

Oh. Okay. You’re twerking. That’s cool.

Wow. The sprinkler. How original.

This has gone on long enough I think.

Okay, stop now.

Staaaaaahp already.


Play us out, Chaka Khan!


* Again, not you, Deb Fischer, you insufferable Trump Muppet.