Nebraska Politics

Vote or Be Killed (By the governor)



It’s time to put your on your big girl underpants and do the only thing that matters in a democracy, vote in the best candidate.

If you haven’t been paying attention to your local down ballot races, figure it out RIGHT NOW. Your local paper should have a candidate section. Your county election office will have a sample ballot. 

If you know more about the guy in New Mexico who said fuck the NRA than your county treasurer, city council, school board, or other down ballot races, we have a problem. You don’t live in New Mexico.  Remember when we talked about this last month? #RESISTLOCAL

North Platte – get enough votes for your write in candidate, Judy Pederson. Groene deserves to have a real opponent, we need more women elected, and Groene should be your town shame. Get it done North Platte, we know you can!!

On Tuesday –

  1. Find your polling place here:
  2. Vote like your life depends on it
    1. If you are a registered independent, you can ask for a Republican Ballot and vote in their federal races (congress/senate), or you can ask for a Democratic Ballot and vote in all city/state/federal races.
  3. Contact Seeing Red ASAP if you need help. Email the fb page. We’re on standby to help with all voter questions!


Pro Tips – If you can’t decide between two qualified candidates, pick the woman. If it’s two men, pick the one that isn’t an old white guy. If they are both old white guys, slap yourself for not running and pick at random.

P.SLives are on the line. Because some of you didn’t vote, we ended up with Don Bacon, a guy who votes lock step with Trump. Because some of you didn’t vote, Ricketts was able to get in slime ball legislators that took away health care from 8,000 Nebraskans (mostly women). Because some of you didn’t vote, Nebraska is one of 7 states trying to kick out Dreamers. Because some of you didn’t vote, we have a fascist governor who spends his time trying to control women’s bodies, kill people with state money, and tear apart public education.

The primary election is your first chance to bump out people you never want to have in office. Most races will push the top two vote-getters forward.


Get Other People to Vote

If you have thirty minutes tomorrow, email planned parenthood and you can phonebank from home reminding people to vote. Contact one of the hot shots working night and day to keep the governor away from your body, Lauren @

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