Nebraska Politics

Governor Death Slaughters Our Healthcare

Does Ricketts’s black market drug dealer carry Misoprostol? We are asking for 1 in 4 women that will need an abortion in their lifetime.

When Texas defunded Planned Parenthood in 2011, teenage pregnancy went up, the self-induced abortion rate went up, and the maternal death rate doubled. Texas is now home to the highest maternal mortality rate in the U.S., and one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the industrialized world.

The idea that the seven FQHC in Nebraska can meet the needs of the 8,000 Planned Parenthood patients is laughable rhetoric of political convenience, not a viable policy proposal that reflects Nebraska’s reality.

Shame on the Nebraska unicameral.

Four Senators stood up for low-income Nebraska women and their healthcare to the bitter end: Chambers, Morfeld, Pansing Brooks, and Shumacher. Krist gave some rousing speeches so we are not sure why his name isn’t on this list. Neither are any of the other “Democrats” in office, including the women senators–Blood, Wishart, Bolz, and Crawford–who traded their fellow Nebraska women’s health for a compromise budget with the sadist governor.

In truth, this partisan doublespeak should have never EVER ever been attached to a budget. That is not in the spirit of Nebraska non-partisan politics.  That is a Washington dirty trick brought to our unicameral by Governor Death and his bought-and-paid-for-puppets. But here we are, and a “compromise” was made on the lives of 8,000 low income women. Women working on poverty wages, in rural communities, in urban communities, who can’t afford healthcare, who can’t access cancer screenings or affordable birth control. And our unicameral just decided that these women don’t count – that their health and lives were expendable to pass a budget. Their lives should have never been on the chopping block.

Except for that is how Governor Death likes it.

There is nothing this murderous sadistic billionaire likes more than suffering. That is why he takes his Christmas vacation at Guantanamo where he can see his vision for our prisons here in Nebraska.  Where he wants us to torture and experiment on prisoners right here like they do there. You see, he is the Governor of doublespeak, he says we are a pro-life state, and his policies are to kill. He says he wants to grow Nebraska when he slashes, cuts, and burns our social safety nets to the ground.

What will be the result of this vote?  Women will die. Women for whom pregnancy poses a grave risk won’t be able to prevent them. Women who can’t afford preventative care won’t get early cancer screenings, and many of them will die because of it. In Indiana, Mike Pence defunded Planned Parenthood and an outright HIV epidemic exploded in the state. When you can’t get low cost STI screenings, you spread infection and you don’t get treatment. And you die.

For many of us here at Seeing Red, we have already begun to sing the dirges. Last night was a sad night for Nebraska, for our unicameral, for women, and for families. Because their health and livelihoods were put on the chopping block and it was their turn to get cut.