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WTF Andy Stebbing?

Early one morning last week as I was heading to work, I spotted a yard sign in my neighborhood that I could not for the life of me figure out.  ANDY STEBBING FOR TREASURER it said. Was this some kind of joke? A second court just ruled there was probable cause to move forward to try Andy Stebbing with FIVE class IV misdemeanors, right? I figured it was just a one-off, someone thinking it was funny to put up a yard sign promoting someone who is facing heat for FRAUD to be the TREASURER of Lancaster County.  Insane, right?



Nope.  Yesterday I saw another sign on Van Dorn Street (in Lincoln), and other friends of mine have seen them pop up in their neighborhoods, too. What is it about straight white guys that makes them incapable of any sort of self-awareness?  Any inkling at all that they have massively fucked up and should take their punishment and disappear forever, please, and just SHUT UP? Andy isn’t the only offender, of course. Remember Bill Kintner? Racist, misogynist, cigar-smoking bully Bill Kintner?  He of the sticky laptop and no remorse? He is running for Sarpy County Assessor like nothing ever happened. As if he never said certain women were too ugly to rape, never referred to DREAMERs as “wetbacks,” never got a stiffy with a camgirl while on a state-owned laptop as his cancer-striken wife waited patiently at home (which I wouldn’t give a shit about if he wasn’t such a slut-shaming homophobic racist turd)? (full transcript of skype call with camgirl here).

Pete Ricketts preaches the evils of marijuana and pushes for harsh prison sentences for grandmothers with glaucoma and mothers of children with seizures, but then illegally imports his own ACTUAL drugs, the purpose of which is solely to kill, and says the ACLU is “fabricating charges” while the Nebraska State Patrol pulls over anyone without an “I’m Pro-Life and I Vote” bumper sticker for “following too closely”.

Why do these guys think they are above reproach?  Why do we LET them think that? Can you imagine a woman or any person of color trying to pull this shit?  Absolutely not–they would be shamed and shouted down and sent scurrying back into their respective corners.  But these disgusting old white guys with money (dirty money, dark money, money obtained through the misery of others) do their dirty deeds all week and then go to church on Sunday and voila, all is forgiven: Let’s see who we can belittle and demean and destroy next.  Sure, go ahead, run for office again, horrible white guy.  Apparently you think Nebraskans have short memories. Well, we don’t, and we are not letting you back in for a second chance to flaunt your privilege and your obliviousness to the detriment of the state of Nebraska.  Send some money or volunteer so longtime Democrat Rachel Garver or Nebraska native and dedicated public servant Andrew Stock can take out Stebbing.