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Lincoln – You Can Now Track Your Landlord’s Housing Violations

If you are looking for a place to rent, check this map first!

Many of us have moved into a rental in Lincoln only to quickly discover that it is an actual life-threatening shithole. Thanks to a community member, we can now check the housing violations at an address before committing to moving in. Read on and click the link to the map before renting your next apartment in Lincoln. This is what our local hero has to say about their map:

The rental registration was adopted by the city awhile ago, as part of a national push to require rentals with 3+ units to register with the city, for more accountability. In this case, the city maintains a database of violations against those properties based on inspections requested by tenants. By requesting that data and combining it with parcel data, it becomes incredibly useful to renters and tenants, who are able to make more informed choices about their living conditions. It’s a good example of how local policy can reduce power imbalances that exist in our communities.

Click here to see the map: Housing Violation Data (

Zoom in and click on the colored boxes to see the rental address and violations associated with it.