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Omaha police union president’s struggle with COVID – The Full Story

A Timeline Your devoted editorial team at Seeing Red Nebraska once again noticed that the recent news story on Omaha Police Union President Tony Conner’s recovery from COVID leaves out a lot of pertinent information. Here is a quick timeline of events as publicly shared on Twitter via the OPOA’s official accounts (and, as you […]

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Steve Joel’s Super Salary

Steve Joel announced Monday his plan to retire as superintendent at the end of this school year. He told the Lincoln Journal Star that retirement had been in his sights, but not until “get[ting] through some of this stuff” did the timing now feel “right.” This is an interesting take, as Joel just signed another […]

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Lincoln Loves Public Educators, So Let’s Act Like It

Do you love your teachers, food service workers, custodians, specialists, and other school staff?  It’s time to take action to protect them. Lincoln Public Schools has produced a COVID plan that its staff are literally unable to execute when school begins on August 12.  Their plan is only reasonable if our community transmission rate is […]

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Editorial: Get Prayer Out of Government

Before we decided to write this piece, many of us on the SRN team didn’t know what religious identity many of the rest of us were. So we took a roll call and here are some of the answers: “An atheist who occasionally thinks things are so fucking weird I am agnostic-ish” Protestant Christian Methodist […]

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These Demands Must be Met for Lincoln to Responsibly Open Schools

Many Lincoln parents are concerned that political pressure is outweighing science as Lincoln Public Schools reopens school. The burden of improving the economy during a pandemic must not fall on the teachers and children of our city. We reject any argument for re-opening schools that pits parents against teachers or that expects the chronically underpaid […]

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Is Lincoln more afraid of Ricketts than an overflowing morgue?

Today, Lincoln’s Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird announced that as of May 11, the city’s directed health measures will be in line with the state’s. That means restaurants will be allowed to re-open their dining rooms (at half capacity), and other services involving close, extended physical contact (ideal conditions for viral spread) will be allowed to […]

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How to Bleed a State University System Dry in One Easy Step

Step 1: Pay the new president more per month than employees make in a year Can you imagine making $50,000 a month after taxes? Every month? Money that comes from taxpayers and college kids? We at the Seeing Red Editorial Board cannot imagine making net $50,000 a month from taxpayers and college students. We would […]

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The Candidates Ricketts Bought

Governor Pete Ricketts has stacked the deck against Nebraska, pouring over $263,774.00 into his purchased candidates. The table below shows all the races we researched, along with how much their opponent received from Pete Ricketts. If there are races we missed, let us know! Nebraska is not the Ricketts’ family fiefdom. Race Seeing Red Endorsement Opponent How […]


Save Your “Zero Tolerance” for ICE

Last month, Seeing Red Nebraska wrote that Democrats Need to Commit to Dismantling ICE and we meant it. Last night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the NY-14 primary after she campaigned on a platform that included abolishing ICE. Since our first post on the subject in May, many new details have come to light about this full-on humanitarian crisis. […]