Save Your “Zero Tolerance” for ICE

Last month, Seeing Red Nebraska wrote that Democrats Need to Commit to Dismantling ICE and we meant it. Last night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the NY-14 primary after she campaigned on a platform that included abolishing ICE.

{Photo credit: Working Families Party}

Since our first post on the subject in May, many new details have come to light about this full-on humanitarian crisis. Drunk employees. Sexual assault. Choking children. Injecting children with heavy psychotropic drugs. The child trauma caused by this administration will last generations.

The American Academy of Pediatrics wrote, “Continuing to maintain the “zero tolerance” policy will put more children in detention facilities, an environment the AAP states is no place for a child, even if they are accompanied by their families. The order also fails to address the more than 2,300 children who have already been cruelly separated from their parents…. We must remember that children do not immigrate, they flee. Parents will continue to flee violence to protect their children and themselves and seek safe haven in our country.

As of now, the children are scattered across the US in 97 different facilities. Now more than ever ICE needs to be dismantled, abolished, defunded… melted. Take your pick. 

Locally (in Lincoln) two of us spoke at the recent City Council meeting on establishing a DACA resolution. In the end, the City Council DID NOT pass a resolution, but instead offered to send a letter to Congress. Look, that’s bullshit. Shame on them.

Four of us also wrote our own posts to share our thoughts on this growing abomination. You can read them below:


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Seeing Red Editor Melody Vaccaro also had this Letter to the Editor published in Lincoln Journal Star.


We plan to continue reporting on this issue as long as it takes. We are beyond appalled. This isn’t over.