Nebraska Politics

The Candidates Ricketts Bought

Governor Pete Ricketts has stacked the deck against Nebraska, pouring over $263,774.00 into his purchased candidates. The table below shows all the races we researched, along with how much their opponent received from Pete Ricketts. If there are races we missed, let us know!

Nebraska is not the Ricketts’ family fiefdom.


Seeing Red Endorsement


How much the Opponent took from Governor Pete Ricketts
Governor Bob Krist* Pete Ricketts $66,074.00
Congress Jessica McClure Jeff Fortenberry $38,800.00
Senate Jane Raybould Deb Fischer $36,000.00
Board of Regents Barb Weitz Hal Daub $22,000.00
Board of Regents Robert J. Prokop Rob Schafer $15,000.00
Legislature Machaela Cavanaugh Theresa Thibodeau $15,000.00
Secratary of State Spencer Danner Bob Evnan $12,500.00
Legislature Steve Lathrop Merv Riepe $11,000.00
Legislature Chuck Hassebrook Ben Hansen $10,000.00
Congress Kara Eastman Don Bacon $5,400.00
Legislature Jackie Collett John S. McCollister $5,000.00
Legislature Jeff Parris John Arch $5,000.00
Legislature Susan D. Lorence Rob Clements $5,000.00
Legislature Wendy DeBoer Matt Deaver $5,000.00
Public Service Commission Mike Forsythe Tim Schram $3,500.00
Auditor Jane Skinner Charlie Janssen $2,500.00
Legislature Stephanie L. Malcolm Dan Huges $2,500.00
Legislature Stephanie Nantkes Mark A. Kolterman $2,000.00
Legislature Shannon Coryell Robert Bob Hilkemann $1,000.00
Board of Education Deborah Neary Pat McPherson $500.00

The chart includes all totals which candidates have received in their political history according to and reflects direct contributions from Pete Ricketts. The full amount spent by the governor to buy Nebraska government is higher than shown. Once the final disclosures have been submitted at the end of the election, the numbers may be higher. This chart does not include money from Joe Ricketts, or money donated to PACs who spent in specific races.

*Bob Krist has taken money from Ricketts when he ran for the legislature. Due to his record of thoughtful governing while in serving in the legislature, he remains an endorsed candidate. 


Image by Gage Skidmore