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New Governor, same feedlot smell: Pillen prepares to pillage rural broadband funds

On January 6, just a day after taking office, new Nebraska governor “Step Into a Slim” Jim Pillen took his first steps toward financially rewarding his Good ‘Ol Boy network by announcing the creation of a new “Broadband Office” by executive order. This office will take over the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Program (NBBP), passed by […]

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Former Custodian Says Lincoln Public Schools Fired Her for Being Transgender

A former Lincoln Public Schools custodian who was fired at the start of this year has filed a charge with the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission over alleged sex discrimination. Michelle Howard states that she was harassed and discriminated against for being a transgender woman, resulting in the abrupt termination of her 17 year career with […]

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KLIN Broadcasts Scurrilous Rape Accusation to Benefit Republican Incumbent Pat Condon

This is a breaking story. We will update it as new details emerge. On Nov. 2, operatives with the new and improved Nebraska Republican Party posted something that might seem alarming. Adam Morfeld, Democratic candidate for Lancaster County Attorney, has supposedly been accused of a sex crime and LPD is sitting on it to protect […]

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Boo at the School: How LGBTQ youth have become the target of a massive fear-mongering campaign

With the impending midterm elections, and a view toward 2024, transgender issues have received a lot of attention in campaigns and the media recently. Particularly at question is the treatment of minors with gender dysphoria and whether or not public schools should support transgender kids. However, the numbers don’t make sense for how much space […]

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A Better Life is Possible

If you’re feeling anything like us at SRN right now, you’re asking yourself what is fucking point of trying to do anything when the world seems determined to go down in flaming shit in every direction at once, and nothing you do seems to make a damn bit of difference. (Obviously, if you’re like us, […]

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Full Text of Officer Luke Bonkiewicz’s 2021 Email to Mayor Gaylor Baird’s Chief of Staff

From: Luke Bonkiewicz <>Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2021 12:32:34 PMTo: Jennifer J. Brinkman <>Subject: Sexual harassment, sexual assaults, and LPD’s next police chief Ms. Brinkman- I understand the mayor is soliciting feedback from LPD officers regarding the next chief of police. I would like the members of the search committee to read the below email as they consider potential […]


Disaster Capitalism with a Side of Ranch: COVID Test Price Gouging on the Prairie

The math is the math. We are all in mortal danger of getting the COVID-19 omicron variant for many reasons including terrible leadership, rampant misinformation, and people who won’t do their bare minimum part to stop the spread. Nebraska is just now hitting record highs, surpassing every past metric. Our hospitals are in a state […]

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Did LPD Retire a Hero or Hush Up a Sexual Assault?

Editors’ Note: We are color-coding names in this piece to help readers distinguish the different people mentioned. Update: A source close to this case has confirmed with Seeing Red that Joshua Atkinson is the officer who was accused of sexually assaulting a fellow police officer at LPD. He has been accused of sexually assaulting one […]

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These are the Nebraskans who were at the insurrection on January 6, 2021

As you may recall, a cadre of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol last January 6 in an effort to overturn the election and reinstall their authoritarian hero. These are some of the Nebraskans that were among them. If we missed anyone, please let us know. Brandon Straka To date, Brandon […]

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The Sex Pest of Many Names Who Lives with One NEGOP Operative and is in Business with Another

Fletcher Reel, a.k.a. H. Fletcher Reel, a.k.a. Ward Reel, a.k.a. Butch Reel, a.k.a. Harry Reel, is the business partner of State Senator Suzanne Geist and live-in romantic partner of gubernatorial candidate Theresa Thibodeau’s campaign manager, Colleen Brennan. In 2007, Reel was convicted of two misdemeanors in connection with his years-long sexual harassment of a teenage […]