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E39- The Good and the Ugly: Bills in the Legislature

It’s Nebraska and we know we have a lot of stop in the way of bad policy designed to enrich the rich, increase poverty, and tear away the social safety net. However, we’ve elected some progressive senators and now we have a lot to fight FOR and SUPPORT.

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Labor rights – 

  • SUPPORT – LB122: Abolish “Tipped Wage”, Hunt 
  • OPPOSE – LB139: Protect businesses that put workers in harm’s way, Briese
  • SUPPORT – LB241: Covid protection rights for meat packers, Vargas 
  • SUPPORT – LB480:  Increase Min. Wage, McKinney

Body Autonomy

  • SUPPORT – LB276: allows telehealth for medication abortions, Hunt
  • SUPPORT – LB474: medical marijuana, Wishart
  • SUPPORT – LB451: Ban discrimination for racial and cultural traits like natural hair, McKinney

Human Rights 

  • OPPOSE – LB300: Stand Your Ground Slama
  • SUPPORT – LB358: Tenant protection from retaliation from reporting, Hunt
  • OPPOSE – LB364: School Vouchers, Linehan
  • SUPPORT – LB199: Ban Facial Recognition, Vargas

Social Safety Net

  • SUPPORT – LB485: Give more families access to daycare, DeBoer 
  • SUPPORT – LB356: Increase access to SNAP, food assistance, Hunt   

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