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Here is how we save Nebraska – RESIST LOCAL

Let’s talk, you and I. We’re both listening to the same podcasts and reading the same news stories. We both want to fix the problems in DC and we’ve both called at least one of the 5 elected representatives that are supposed to advocate for Nebraskans.

You know, and I know, that it was a waste of time. All those calls, letters, and postcards were a waste of time and energy. The jerks in DC never once voted against the Trump agenda, not one single time. They voted against our healthcare and the dreamers, and they voted for gun proliferation and for the rich get richer.

Here’s the strategy going forward, RESIST LOCAL:

Step 1
The only thing that matters this year is getting rid of awful incumbents and stopping candidates supported by the governor. I know that sometimes it can be tempting to send money to an amazing progressive candidate in another state, but this year, I’m begging you to resist local. Nebraska needs you to be fully engaged in Nebraska. If you are going to phone bank, do it for Nebraska candidates that need your help to win the primary. If you are going to give money, give it to Nebraska candidates. If you are going to complain about an elected official, complain about who represents you. Paul Ryan isn’t your guy. You can’t vote him out. But you can vote out Smith, Fortenberry, Bacon, and Fischer. Talk about their shitty voting records, insulting town halls, and how they always put party over politics. Resist Local.

Step 2
Support great candidates. You have candidates in all three congressional races. There is an incredible woman running, Jane Raybould, against a woman who put Betsy Devos, public school ruiner, in charge of America’s education system. We have legislative candidates running, and all the down ballot races like regents, county positions, and some city elections. Find out who is running for your vote and HELP THEM.

  1. Pull a list of your districts here:
  2. Look for your candidates on this list:

Example – If you live in Matt Hansen’s district in Lincoln, don’t worry about the congressional race in Omaha because Senator Hansen needs you to knock doors and talk to your neighbors. That’s how this works. Focus on Nebraska and better yet, focus on your neighborhood.

Step 3
Get behind Krist. You can do it now or after the primary, but nothing is more important than getting rid of Pete Ricketts. We are one election from turning our non partisan, fiscally conservative, generally moderate unicameral into a Koch brother wet dream of radical and destructive legislation like they have in Kansas. We’re talking defunding public schools, guns in dorm rooms, and zero social safety nets.

Step 4
Become a block captain for the Democrats. A few of us at Seeing Red signed up to see what it was all about. We expected a poorly run and slapped together program. What we actually got was a clearly thought-out grassroots campaign to get people registered to vote and have accurate information from someone in their neighborhood. Sign up and you’ll get a packet of 50 homes to canvas three times from now until November. Round one is ensuring everyone in each of the homes is registered to vote and signing them up to vote by mail.

If you are a registered independent, this program is worth becoming a Democrat. It’s easy and you will 100% have an impact on voter turnout. Nothing is more important than voter turnout this year. NOTHING.

In summary, RESIST LOCALLY, and save Nebraska from alt right, fascist, racist, sexist, and generally harmful government.