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Ricketts and NE Crossing Owner Contradict Each Other on Governor’s Approval

People are dying and Pete Ricketts is lying.

As Nebraska Crossing prepares to become a “test case” in the re-opening of malls across the country, Nebraska reported one of its highest daily increases in the number of positive COVID-19 cases yet. Infectious disease specialists across the country and within our own communities are stressing that we are not yet ready to be broadly open for business.

But where is NE’s leadership on this issue?

Doing verbal gymnastics. That’s where he is.

The governor is doing his best to avoid his connection to Rodney Yates, the $100K in campaign dollars, and most importantly distance himself from the dangerous decision to open the Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall is stunning. The problem is, he gets a full point deduction for his failure to stick the landing.

According to multiple news sources, Peter’s buddy Rod has been in “close communication” with the governor and decided on the earlier date to reopen after discussing the matter with Peter on Thursday night.

But when asked at his daily press briefing if he was going to tell the mall that opening before the directed health measures were lifted was a bad idea, Ricketts said, “I have not spoken with Nebraska Crossing.”

You may notice that not only did he attempt to flip his way past the conversation last Thursday where he encouraged the mall to move up their opening or the multiple conversations that surely happened before that during “close communication” sessions, but the governor also added a half-twist when he acted as though Nebraska Crossing was an inanimate object he wasn’t all that familiar with.

Sorry Peter, we noticed that misstep, and we are scoring you accordingly. Even someone whose dad purchased him a throne remembers the name of someone who hands him six figures for his reelection campaign.

The routine Ricketts has practiced the most is putting money before people. Once again, we give him a perfect 10.