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Nebraska’s Director Of Public Health? Another Ricketts Donor.

In August 2019 Governor Pete Ricketts appointed Dr. Gary Anthone Chief Medical Officer and Director Of Public Health for the state of Nebraska. Prior to that, Dr. Anthone was a bariatric surgeon in private practice in Omaha. It should surprise no one to learn that Anthone shows up in public disclosure forms as having donated to exactly one candidate in the state of Nebraska, and that candidate is…. wait for it… that is correct: Governor Pete Ricketts. Anthone donated $7500 to Ricketts’ campaign, and Anthone’s wife also donated $7500. That’s $15,000 from the household of the man selected from all the doctors and public health experts in the state to be the guy at the mic next to Ricketts at his daily COVID and CEO Spotlight Hour.

Is it the money Ricketts wants or the proof of loyalty? At Seeing Red we suspect that Ricketts gets an endless bounty from his unearned wealth, so it’s the knee-bending part of the tribute that he’s really after.