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Misogyny week in the legislature

Photo credit to Yes! Magazine who wrote this article on “What abortion bans and easy gun access have in common?”

It’s misogyny week in Nebraska the legislature. The misogynists will be in the form of both men and women and they are here to ensure that women know their proper place; allowing their bodies to be politicized by politicians and those holding guns like David from DEG.

On Thursday, the Judiciary committee will kick off a two day spree of bill hearings. A few bills are trying to save people’s lives and correct for last years “lie to women” bill, and the other assumes politicians know more than doctors.

That means by Wednesday, we’re expecting you will have flooded the committee with your written testimony. On Friday, the folks who want to be armed everywhere you go will be making their way to Lincoln. So if you are looking to visit the capitol, I’d recommend showing up on Friday.

Look back at my tips for testifying linked here

Tldr version;

  1. Start with “Include this in the record of testimony”
  2. Next say, “I oppose/support/am neutral on LB_______”
  3. Finally My name is __________________
  4. ***Good but not required, include your reasons. Use our reasons down below or write your own! 

Support LB816 – Close background check loophole

  • This bill adds a required background check to some private long gun sales. Current there are no background checks required on private long gun sales.

Support LB958 – Keep guns away from domestic abusers

  • enjoins people subject to a protection order from possessing or purchasing guns

Support LB872 – Undo the “Lie to Women” bill

  • In 2019, due to Misogyny in the legislature, a bill was passed that required doctors to give women and transmen seeking abortions harmful and inaccurate medical information. In fact, by the end of 2019, it had come out that this misinformation can actually kill women
  • In 2020, we have a chance to undo harm that was done in 2019.

Oppose LB814 – Restrict abortion access

  • Election years are when policy makers work hard on bills that are utter nonsense so they can score points to partisan and single issue voters, that’s the purpose of this bill. 
  • Doctors using peer reviewed evidence in partnership with their patients are best suited to make decisions about care, not the government or an insurance company. 
  • Abortion has been happening since the beginning of human history. Legal abortion ensures women and transmen get to live afterwards. 
  • The only way to prevent abortion is erection reversal. See for more information

The gun fight isn’t about the constitution. It’s about people wanting to be able to live above the law and control others through threats of violence actual violence against themselves and others. The abortion fight isn’t about babies and it isn’t about healthcare. It’s about controlling and punishing women with threats of and actual violence against their bodies. And guess what, we can fight back.

As a reminder of problems that could be solved if government actually cared about people – medicaid expansion, overcrowing in prisons where staff and prisoners are being harmed daily, and the reality of shutting down rural Nebraska. Lest anyone think this is a Ricketts style of government, back in 2010 Governor Heineman opposed immigrants getting prenatal care, even if the funding came from private sources. Don’t let anyone fool you with their rhetoric about compassion because this is about being OK with people dying as long as they are women, queer, or poor.