LR 294: Call to Action!

We received the following message over the weekend from a middle school teacher who has been working with a group of middle school students who are calling on the Unicameral to recognize the climate crisis. We’ve spotted them around the capitol lately, calling attention to climate change. We salute this group of kids for doing big big things. Please support them with testimony or emails sent by Wednesday, February 19th at 5:00 pm (deets below!)

Come here and testify!

Call to Action!

My name is Jason Nord. I’m a teacher that works with the local middle school students who wrote LR294, a resolution in front of the Unicameral asking senators to admit that we are in the middle of a climate crisis that was caused by humans, and that they as senators have a moral obligation to help combat that climate crisis.

The hearing will be this Thursday, February 20, at 1:30 pm in room 1525 of the state capitol. We’d love to see as many people as possible there to speak in favor of the resolution. Speeches must be less than 5 minutes in length, and if many people arrive, the chair could limit speeches down to three minutes.

If people can not make the hearing, they can also submit written testimony by doing the following: 1) Open an email and address it to and 2) Write something, long or brief, about why you want the senate to take climate change seriously. 3) Mention that you are in support of passing LR294. 4) Include your name and home address. 5) Mention that you would like your email included as part of the public hearing record. Such emails need to be sent by 5:00 pm this Wednesday, February 19.