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Joseph Couch is Challenging an NRA Senator in the Legislature

You’ve likely been filled with despair and anger over recent mass shootings, and while we can only jump for joy over the internal implosion of the NRA, the best action we can take locally is to clean up our own house by defeating state senators that do the NRA’s dirty work.

State Senator Mike Hilgers was narrowly elected in 2017 after taking money from the NRA, oil companies, and local supervillains like Ricketts($20,000), Fortenberry, Cyndi Lamm and meddling billionaire Charles Herbster. His first order of business in the legislature was to propose LB68, promoted by the NRA.  LB68 was a  firearms preemption bill which would have eliminated the right for local governments to set their own gun laws tailored to their own needs. Thank dog this was defeated!  It is undeniable that this nation needs to be expanding gun safety and regulation, rather than encouraging the proliferation of firearms in our country. And now we finally have a candidate who can help- Joseph Couch is challenging Hilgers in District 21 (northwest Lincoln and Lancaster County).  


Couch has been referred to as a “legislative super watcher” for his voluntary work recording the legislation sessions in order for them to be watched later (NET only shows them live).  He also leads the Nebraska Secular Democrats and gave a must -watch testimony (video) against the “God In Schools” bill which attempted to spread Christian Nationalism to our school children and erase the separation of church and state, but was also ultimately defeated after 24 people testified in a marathon committee hearing


We look forward to learning more about Couch and seeing him unseat Hilgers as we wrest our government out of the hands of the gun industry.  Donate to his campaign here.