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The Sex Pest of Many Names Who Lives with One NEGOP Operative and is in Business with Another

Fletcher Reel, a.k.a. H. Fletcher Reel, a.k.a. Ward Reel, a.k.a. Butch Reel, a.k.a. Harry Reel, is the business partner of State Senator Suzanne Geist and live-in romantic partner of gubernatorial candidate Theresa Thibodeau’s campaign manager, Colleen Brennan. In 2007, Reel was convicted of two misdemeanors in connection with his years-long sexual harassment of a teenage […]

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Allegations of Sexual Assault, Harassment, Racism, and Retaliation at Lincoln Police Department

Two sources have informed Seeing Red Nebraska that a number of women employed by the Lincoln Police Department are targets of retaliatory investigations by LPD leadership after the women reported incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and racism by LPD officers. The retaliation spans the tenure of three different Lincoln police chiefs: Jeffrey Bliemeister, Acting […]

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Steve Joel’s Super Salary

Steve Joel announced Monday his plan to retire as superintendent at the end of this school year. He told the Lincoln Journal Star that retirement had been in his sights, but not until “get[ting] through some of this stuff” did the timing now feel “right.” This is an interesting take, as Joel just signed another […]

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Governor Ricketts’s BFF Punches a Woman in the Face

You may not know Patrick Castle by name, but you are certainly familiar with his “work”. He is the leader of “Life Runners“, an evangelical anti-abortion group that helps Governor Ricketts, Senator Joni Albrecht, Senator Suzanne Geist, and all the other misogynists to get their anti-abortion bills passed. You’ve seen their ridiculous “protect the unborn” […]

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This Nebraska Sheriff Cared More about His Territory than Solving a Violent Crime

Dawes County Sheriff Karl Dailey, who has occupied that post for 35 years, has built himself a fiefdom that he considered more important that the apprehension of a sadistic rapist.

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Shitshow of a Shootout

There was a shootout in Lincoln on Saturday. Not a “shooting,” but a literal shootout, during a car chase, and exactly zero of the “heroes” involved deserves an Oscar for their performance. It started simply enough. There was a mid-morning robbery at a hotel near the interstate in NW Lincoln. Police were called to the […]

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Full Transcript of Interview with Nebraska Exorcist Priest at US Capitol

Shortly after the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, David Fulton was identified as the Catholic priest who told an interviewer he had performed an exorcism there. Fulton is priest of St. Michael’s in Central City, which is under the control of the Archdiocese of Omaha. The Archdiocese of Omaha is the […]

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Oh, so that’s why Jeff Fartenberry endured public humiliation

Remember how two years ago Jeff Fartenberry was the victim of “political violence” (his words) when some terrible criminal “vandalized his reputation”? Of course you do, because that is probably the only thing you know about Jeff Fartenberry. Though please, please check out his web site to learn more! You probably also remember that Fart’s […]

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Can We Please Stop Pretending about the Nazi Fortress Outside Omaha Now?

If you approach Omaha from the west on I-80, one of the first landmarks to greet you is a fortress with a large tower sporting a logo for 88 Tactical, a gun boner megacenter that offers a suite of classes, activities, and products for police and wannabe police. And if you can’t quite muster a […]

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The Governor is Attempting to fill the DHHS with Anti-Abortion Crusaders

The state public health department is being overtaken for political reasons in yet another effort by the governor to attack family planning and public health in general. And in true NEGOP fashion, this clumsy takeover is being attempted with poor grammar, bad spelling, and plain old nonsensical ramblings.. A global pandemic placed public health in […]