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Full Transcript of Interview with Nebraska Exorcist Priest at US Capitol

Shortly after the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, David Fulton was identified as the Catholic priest who told an interviewer he had performed an exorcism there. Fulton is priest of St. Michael’s in Central City, which is under the control of the Archdiocese of Omaha. The Archdiocese of Omaha is the spiritual home of our aspirational theocrat governor, Pete Ricketts.

After some public uproar, the Archdiocese of Omaha, which had been ignoring complaints about Fulton from parishioners, made him apologize. Fulton told his congregation that his comments had been taken out of context by the interviewer, Eddie Becker.

Becker then released the full, uncut interview with Fulton, and we transcribed it for you.

Cast of characters in the video:

Eddie Becker, interviewer

David Fulton, Catholic priest within the Archdiocese of Omaha

Goatee Dude, some guy who appears to have accompanied Fulton from Nebraska as either his disciple or handler

Woman: Someone who seemed to have stopped to listen in on the interview

Goatee Dude, disciple of David Fulton, on his profound spiritual journey from YouTube to the QAnon Insurrection


EDDIE BECKER: What was it like in there? What was it like for you in there?

DAVID FULTON: Pretty awesome. Yeah, I would get way up there but–the crowd was awesome, the atmosphere. It’s good to see so many people who care about the country, concerned about the country, people who know about what’s going on, the obvious steal, and hopefully we’ll be able to take this into our local communities and do something. I think the reference to sports, where you have sports fans who say what we’re going to do when we’re not on the field, but we can’t be spectating, we need to be doing something individually. And we need to be taking to whatever platforms we have and make our country better.

BECKER: Now what kind of prayers, what kind of prayers have people of faith been saying? Because it didn’t seem to help Trump at all. What happened? Why did God abandon Trump?

FULTON: God hasn’t abandoned Trump. People have free will and you have a bunch of evil going on and steal [?], and God doesn’t abandon us, but [God’s all good, he’s going to conquer?].

BECKER: Now God was on Trump’s side, right?

FULTON: Yeah, God’s on the side of the good.

GOATEE DUDE: We need to be on God’s side.

FULTON: We all need to be on God’s side.

GOATEE DUDE: That’s us! We need to be on God’s side.

FULTON: We need to do better morally, be better regarding our priorities, be better citizens, we can’t let this stuff happen.

BECKER: And tell me what kind of minister are you? What’s the name of your church?

FULTON: Roman Catholic—

GOATEE DUDE: Roman Catholic faith!

FULTON:–I’m from Nebraska.

FULTON: [Holds up book titled Minor Exorcisms and Deliverance Prayers in Latin and in English] Got this going, got these exorcism prayers going,  got these priests using them.


BECKER: Were you—did you do an exorcism at the Capitol?

FULTON: [Still holding up book] Yes, I did.

BECKER: What was that like?

FULTON: We’ll see. To what effect.

BECKER: Did you see, were you able to feel the effect of the exorcism?

GOATEE DUDE: Not with our eyes, no.

BECKER: And what… what… what has possessed the Capitol?

FULTON: There’s a demon called Baphomet and exorcists found out that he’s the one dissolving the country in order to bring it to something different. It’s called dissolve and coagulate. Dissolve and bring back together. And so, there’s—exorcists have said that one of the saints[?] general demons, one of the generals, and what’s he’s doing, his image, he has tattoos that say solve et coagula, and that means dissolve and coagulate. So that’s what they’re doing. They’re breaking down the country and they’re gonna, they’re trying to bring it back as something different. So that’s what’s happening.

BECKER: Where did you find out about this?

FULTON: You can see it on YouTube. Father Chad Ripperger. He’s an exorcist. You can see it on his channel. He makes reference to it. Dr. Taylor Marshall, also, when he was referring a letter from Father, from Cardinal Vigano to President Trump, talks about [unintelligible], has a picture of the demon on there, his image. You get on the internet and you see people with devotion to that demon, Satanists and cultists.

BECKER: So have you identified any particular Congresspeople who are Satanists?

FULTON: Um, no. But there’s another guy on YouTube who is kind of the longest—largest—Satanic cult in the United States. In California. It is called Bohemian Grove, and this guy is Zachary King. Zachary King was head of that and he talked about what’s happening there, who was there, the people he saw. So you can get on there and see it. Zachary King. And he has a bunch of videos and he just lays it out.

BECKER: Now, how do you feel about the people who believe in QAnon?

FULTON: I really don’t know about QAnon because it’s like, which ones are really from QAnon and which ones are fake? It’s really tough to tell. So it’s tough to take any of the information to heart.

BECKER: That must be a very sensitive issue for the Church because QAnon is very anti-pedophile.

FULTON: Well, so are we. We just have some bad actors in the Church.

GOATEE DUDE: Infiltrators.

FULTON: If you look at what’s happening in the country, the same thing happened to the Catholic Church, so we have the same type of people, [unintelligible], trying to destroy from within. You had that in the Catholic Church [cough]  and we have that in the United States. So a battle on both fronts.

BECKER: Thank you very much. Tell me your name and where you’re from.

GOATEE DUDE: Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

FULTON: What, I shouldn’t dox myself?


FULTON: Yeah, I’m not gonna dox myself.

GOATEE DUDE: He’s a good man. He’s a holy priest. Pray for all good holy priests.

WOMAN: [unintelligible] each other? I’m sorry?

GOATEE DUDE: In Nebraska.

WOMAN: In Nebraska. Thank you.

BECKER: Thank you.