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Early warning: it’s about to get a whole lot worse at Tecumseh

Today corrupt prison official Scott Frakes announced that another one of Pete Ricketts’s bad ideas will be taking over at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. This new bad idea, warden Todd Wasmer, looks to be a perfect sadistic Moe to the fascist Larry and Curly of Frakes and Ricketts. The most alarming thing about this appointment is Wasmer’s decidedly revolting career with CoreCivic, one of the largest private prison contractors in the U.S. (whose stocks you can of course invest in with TD Ameritrade).

Frakes says “Todd brings a great deal of experience to his new role as warden,” but he neglects to mention that experience includes leading a facility accused of forcing refugees into solitary confinement, force-feeding migrants on hunger strike, failure to prevent detainee suicide, and an alarming number of deaths (in fact, Eloy has the highest number of migrant deaths in the U.S.), which has Human Rights abuse alarm bells ringing worldwide.

Now why do you suppose our super racist, murder-obsessed Governor would want to bring this death merchant to BFE Nebraska?

We will write more as we learn more. If you have any information please email us at . In the meantime stay vigilant and stay loud.