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Author: Amanda Gailey

Nebraska, Get Ready for Koch University

1 month ago

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After the horrific announcement this Tuesday that Governor Pete Ricketts intends to plunder the biggest employer and most valuable asset of the state of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska, another piece of news came over the transom—one that may seem unrelated to Ricketts setting fire to the state but is actually connected. The Governor of…

Regarding MLK, U.S. Rep. Don Bacon likes the “Civil” but not the “Rights.”

1 month ago

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U.S. Representative Don Bacon, who represents the Omaha area, shared some words about Martin Luther King, Jr. today: At a time of great unrest, [King] showed a calm and powerful restraint. While people on both sides of a battle hurled insults (and weapons) at each other, he remained civil and kind. I have long admired…

Patty Pansing Brooks is the Shit: Part I

1 month ago

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Here at Seeing Red we are inaugurating what we expect will be an ongoing feature called Patty Pansing Brooks is the Shit (PPBITS). The senator from Lincoln has really hit her stride and is proposing the kind of legislation the state needs to be a humane place to live. Just to preempt detractors: perhaps you found…

Preemption is How Red States Screw Blue(r) Cities

1 month ago

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If you don’t know what preemption is, you should. If you live in a city that’s more progressive than the state it’s in, chances are good that preemption is coming to oppress you. Preemption is when a higher government authority (usually a state) removes the right of a lower government authority (a city) to pass…