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Rightwing Extremists are Gathering in Nebraska Again

So far this year, there have been at least two large gatherings of rightwing extremists in Nebraska (that we are aware of). The first was a successful “Meet the Candidates” event sponsored by the NEGOP and Protect Nebraska Children featuring antisemitic Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec, and the second was a decidedly unsuccessful “Take Back Nebraska” event that was supposed to happen on the Creighton campus, but was cancelled at the last minute by Creighton when the community pointed out to Creighton that the featured speakers – again, Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam – were antisemitic extremists. Well, Nebraska Freedom Coalition is at it again, this time planning a “Freedom Fest” starring local full of shit chiropractor Ben Tapper, Proud Boy rapper Bryson Gray (who was part of Dec 2020 riot that left 3 people stabbed and PB leader Enrique Tarrio in jail for vandalizing Metropolitan A.M.E. Church where Frederick Douglass worshipped), some guy who is supposedly a comedian of some sort, and their big draw – “Stop the Steal” founder and snitch for the Feds, Ali Alexander. For some reason, Ali hasn’t made it on to any of the online flyers for the event that is scheduled to take place August 27th at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds. Let’s take a closer look at Nebraska Freedom Coalition and their “esteemed” guests, shall we? (shoutout to the community member who compiled much of this information and sent it to us).

Ali Alexander

  • Ali Alexander is a far-right activist and conspiracy theorist with ties to prominent white nationalists. He is the keynote speaker for the Nebraska Freedom Coalition’s “Freedom
    Fest” on August 27th, 2022.
  • Alexander worked with Nick Fuentes and Alex Jones at a “Stop the Steal Rally” in Georgia.
  • Fuentes has a long history of racism. He is a Holocaust denier, attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and has repeatedly praised racism, sexism, and Adolf Hitler.
  • During one of his Stop the Steal live streams, Alexander stated, “We’re willing to work with racists.”
  • Here’s a photo of Ali Alexander hanging out with Nick Fuentes, right-wing provocateur Jacob Wohl, Ashley St. Clair (fired by Turning Point USA over this photo), and Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, a far-right media personality who livestreamed January 6th and played a major role in the 2017 Charlottesville rally.
Cursed photo
  • After the Unite the Right Rally, Alexander appeared on a video conference to interview Matt Colligan, a white nationalist present at the Unite the Right rally carrying a tiki torch.
    During the video conference, Colligan brought out a Nazi flag. In the video, Ali laughs as Colligan demands they hang up on a caller disgusted by his display of the Nazi flag. A few minutes later, while they are still discussing the topic, Ali dismisses the fact that he can be racist by saying, “I’m black. I have a get-out-of-jail-free card.”
  • Another honorary NFC Board Member Jack Posobiec was one of the leading proponents of the Pizzagate conspiracy, which resulted in a man bringing a gun to Comet Pizza parlor and demanding he be shown evidence that a pedophile ring was being run from the restaurant.
  • Posobiec also has many ties to white supremacists.
  • On March 31, 2017, Posobiec posted to Twitter a Periscope livestream in which he made jokes mocking the Holocaust. At the time, Posobiec was livestreaming a book launch for white nationalist author Scott Greer from the Washington, D.C.,
    office of the conservative website The Daily Caller. The Daily Caller cut ties with Greer about a year and a half after the event attended by Posobiec, once The Atlantic reported he was writing for Richard Spencer’s publication Radix Journal
    under the pseudonym “Michael McGregor.” Right Wing Watch noted that in addition to Greer, other white nationalists, including writers for the white supremacist publication American Renaissance, also attended the event with Posobiec.
  • On multiple occasions, Posobiec has tweeted out variations of 1488, a series of numbers used by white supremacists. The number 14 stands for the “14 words” which is the slogan, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for
    white children.” The number 88 is the numeric for “Heil Hitler” since “H” is the 8th letter of the alphabet.
  • After the Unite the Right rally, Posobiec tried to downplay the event by tweeting comparisons to shootings in Chicago.
  • Posobiec has befriended Richard Spencer, an openly avowed white nationalist. Spencer claimed that Posobiec introduced himself to him as a white nationalist sympathizer. In September 2016, Posobiec tweeted several times in praise of a Richard Spencer, the white supremacist site VDare and white supremacist Peter Brimelow.
  • Posobiec appeared to condone the white nationalist group Identity Evropa terrorizing a black civil rights advocate in a now-deleted tweet dated June 26, 2017, writing, “why shouldn’t white people also be allowed to speak at a racial seminar?”
  • Posobiec has tweeted pro-Putin propaganda.
  • The Nebraska Republican Party is a listed sponsor of NFC’s Freedom Fest on August
    27 th (see Exhibit 1 below).
  • Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Eric Underwood is on NFC’s advisory board along with a sad and greasy looking Derek Oden. (See Exhibit 2 below).

Exhibit 1

Why so sad, Derek?

In addition to the above-mentioned extremists, many local candidates for various offices will also be there including Aaron Hansen who is running for Douglas County Sheriff (and who described himself as a “manhunter” at a debate that was open only to other law enforcement), Protect Nebraska Children-endorsed candidates Brett Elliott, Luther Starks, and Jared Tinglehoff who are running for Elkhorn Public School Board, Protect Nebraska Children endorsed candidate Brittany Holtmeyer who is running for Papillion-La Vista School Board, Protect Nebraska Children endorsed candidate Marni Hodgen who is running for State Board of Ed, and everybody who ran on the NEGOP ticket for Governor *except* Jim Pillen.

Now, why am I bothering to write this, I ask myself? The NEGOP knows it is full of white supremacists and other extremists and they are damn proud of it. The Democrats also know the NEGOP is filled with extremists, but they would rather talk about taxes than the fascism they are enabling. I guess I wrote this so when these assholes are marching through the streets of Omaha and Lincoln with their tiki torches, we can look back to the many times Nebraskans and Nebraska “leaders” had the opportunity to fight fascism and white supremacy and instead chose to ignore or enable it.

Come for the white supremacy, stay for the heat stroke