Catholic Bullshit Creeping Fascism Education

The Catholic Church is once again presenting itself as a victim

This time “School Choice” is being presented as the only way to save Catholic schools

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If you are still on Facebook, you have likely seen this sponsored ad by Senator Lou Ann Linehan’s daughter’s organization The American Federation for Children. They are the organization behind Linehan’s deceptively named “school choice” bill. In this ad they state that Catholic schools across America are losing students and the only way to save them is through this scam billionaire welfare bill being touted as “school choice”. The last line of this ad is “Sign the petition below to save Catholic schools and support school choice”.

Their agenda couldn’t be clearer.

It takes our breath away that they always find a way to frame themselves as victims, while at the same time being the #1 place for sexual assault of children. How did they get to be so powerful while covering up sexual assault from Nebraska to the Vatican? And yet they have maintained their position. Otherwise decent people continue to put their children in Catholic schools, giving the Catholic church thousands of dollars and access to their children despite knowing the Catholic Church has been covering up the sexual abuse of children for as long as they have been around. Despite knowing that the Catholic Church kidnapped and murdered Indigenous children. Despite knowing the money they are giving to those Catholic schools is going toward fascist abortion bans and anti-trans indoctrination.

How did we get here?