Russ Barger plans on “teaching the females” to have proper sex

Russ Barger, candidate for legislature, is proud when he deceives those who are trying to access abortion. He is a director of Lincoln Right to Life, an organization which runs a crisis pregnancy center – a fake abortion clinic. Such fake clinics far outnumber real abortion clinics in the US. To operate the fake clinic, […]

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The point of the Nebraska Family Alliance is to destroy families

The Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) has taken the first step to re-legalizing discrimination against LGBT people in Lincoln. They plan to overturn Ordinance 22-31, also known as the Fairness Ordinance, by putting it on the ballot during a low-turnout election. If the NFA is successful, a Lincoln restaurant could legally hang a “no gays” sign […]

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My government taught me that I am its enemy

What if I had been there with another man? For that matter, what if I had not been white? What exactly were a dozen cops planning to do to me in the woods under cover of night?

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Are Nebraska’s LGBT elders safe? On the huge elder care business founded by a Nebraska Family Alliance board member

The Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) is a “pro-family” organization that has destroyed LGBT families across Nebraska. This presents a major problem for these Nebraskans as they age. In the year 2000 the Nebraska Family Alliance spearheaded a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Nebraska. In the same year, NFA lawyers fought a court battle against […]