#fuckPeteRicketts actual science COVID-19 daily pressers

COVID Update, July 7

Governor Pete Ricketts reduced his daily press conferences to once a week, then decided yesterday to simply cancel with no prior notice or explanation. So we at Seeing Red Nebraska will update you instead. For starters, COVID cases in areas of Nebraska look like they are starting to surge, and this is particularly alarming because […]

The Pod

E17 – Fireworks, Hamilton, and Nebraska Politics

E17 –  We’re kicking off July talking about patriotism, how to hold Sasse accountable, April’s fantastic reading voice, and Melody’s hotdog dress.  Buy any of the books we love and support SeeingRedNebraska – The Pod, by going to 

Civic Engagement

Anatomy of Boots on the Ground: Bailing Out BLM Protesters in Lincoln, NE

A few weeks ago, over 60 people were arrested for “Failure to Obey Order of the Mayor” and “Failure to Disperse” in Lincoln, Nebraska over the course of two nights of BLM protests (May 31st-June 2nd) . Charges differed by the night they were arrested, for no apparent reason, but fines were set at $1,000 […]