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Author: Julia Schleck

Brewer’s Latest Bill to Kill Clean Wind Energy

3 weeks ago

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Brewer’s Latest Bill to Kill Clean Wind Energy This Thursday, January 31, the Committee on Government, Military, and Veterans Affairs will hear testimony on LB 373, Senator Tom Brewer’s latest effort to kill the development of clean wind energy in Nebraska.  Why is Brewer so hostile to wind energy?  We refer you back to our…

I do not think this word means what you think it means, Senator Erdman

8 months ago

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State Senator Erdman’s latest attack on UNL in his “Straight Talk” column demonstrates once again that the Senator should not be spending his time attacking the state’s teachers but instead needs to be sent back to school.  Much of his criticism seems to be based upon his confusion over two words—censor and censure—that the Senator…