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E57: Redistricting with MaryLee Moulton

E57: Redistricting with MaryLee Moulton

MaryLee Moulton is the co-president of the League of Women Voters of Nebraska and the Communication Director of the League in Omaha. She educates us all on how to engage in the redistricting process, what to be looking for, why it matters. The legislature is drawing lines for not only for their own races but also others including regents (think CRT debate) and board of education (think health standards debate).

Get more information from the League of Women Voters here:

Here are a few highlights from our conversation with Marylee: 

  • -Everyone needs to engage in the process
  • -Districts should create competitive elections, not predetermined party outcomes
  • -Districts should all be about the same size to ensure equal weight of every vote, look for variances
  • -Cities and Counties should generally not be split
  • -Demand transparency in who made any map put forward and the process to approve it 

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