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Bonus Episode – How To Vote When Everyone is Conservative

Everyone loves a bonus episode!

“We are asked to learn this lesson time and time again: Local elections matter. Activism, volunteering, and organizing locally is vital, but all of the work we do to try and make our world better won’t matter if we don’t elect people who will put better policy into law. Please register to vote, activate your friends and neighbors, and research candidates who will work to advance the causes of justice and equality in our state.”

Senator Megan Hunt says this about voting

We agree! Ensure you are registered to vote and ensure your community is too. On your ballot, it’s likely you have one or more races with candidates you’ve never heard of and a lack of politically left choices, leaving you with no idea who to pick. We asked Meg from Planned Parenthood for advice in episode 24 and her answer was so good that we’re reposting it for you now. Thanks for listening and vote.

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