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Did Ricketts’s Field Director Vandalize Omaha with White Supremacist Material? We did Nazi that Coming!

You’ve probably already read that Governor Pete Ricketts’s Field Director Bennett Bressman has been exposed as an actual Nazi. We at Seeing Red spent the better part of an evening reading the data leak of this Aryan youth’s mind vomit so you don’t have to. We discovered something that interested us.

On July 2, when the Field Director was in the throes of the Governor’s re-election campaign, he took a moment to ask his bro-Nazis whether he should post the “Fourteen words” on an immigration law office near his house. The “Fourteen Words” are a stupid piece of Aryan nation bullshit we won’t dignify by posting here, but the number 14 was invoked in several recent hate crimes, including the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue massacre and the massacre of black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015.

Governor Ricketts’s Nazi assistant asking his fellow Nazis whether he should plaster an Aryan nation hate statement on an immigration law office by his house on July 2, 2018.

Bressman mused about posting this white supremacist bullshit on the afternoon of July 2 (the timestamp is Greenwich Mean Time). Of note: that night is when someone threw a brick through the Nebraska Republican Party Headquarters, where Bressman presumably spent some of his working hours, and spray painted “ABOLISH ICE” on the sidewalk. The next morning, July 3, when the vandalism was “discovered,” the Nebraska Republican Party held a press conference in front of the broken glass and loudly presented themselves as victims of political terror. Even the Nazi’s client, Governor Ricketts, said “Nebraska Democrats must address the call to lawlessness in their party.”

A week later, Bressman posted this photo of a racist flyer with no comment.

The local news gave the location of the flyer. It was in an alley in the Omaha neighborhood where Bressman’s parents live, and where he appears to have been living for the summer. (In May, Nazi material was placed in a Little Free Library in the same neighborhood.)

A few blocks from his parents’ house in the other direction is the Refugee Empowerment Center, and a couple miles down 42nd Street is an immigrant law office where racist flyers were plastered.

On July 9 a group of leftist activists (including Seeing Red contributor Amanda Gailey) located sign remnants and covered them with pro-immigrant, pro-diversity flyers. Some of them had been up for at least a few days, long enough to have been damaged by some rain that had hit Omaha four days earlier.

One of the anti-immigrant flyers outside an immigration law office found on July 9, 2018.

One of the flyers said “America First,” which has a long history as an anti-semitic and anti-immigrant rallying cry, and is also for that reason the name of the YouTube trash show hosted by white supremacist Nick Fuentes, whose server chat thread is where all of Ricketts’s field director’s leaked comments were taken from. “America First” is not only a slogan Bressman was familiar with, it was the name of the show whose fan page he was chatting on about the flyers.

Screenshot of Fuentes’s show.
Another of the flyers outside the law office–this one is the same “Civic Duty” flyer that Bressman posted to his Nazi chat room.

That’s better.

So, in short: Bressman indicated he wanted to go harass immigrants on July 2, the same day someone broke his office window and spray painted city property the NRP wouldn’t have to clean up. By July 9, anti-immigrant flyers had indeed appeared in his family’s neighborhood and at an immigrant law office, and he posted a photo of one of them to his Nazi chat thread.

Did Omaha dust these flyers for prints? Here in Lincoln we have been led to believe that removable googly eyes are vandalism that get the full CSI treatment, so does Omaha do the same? Or do Lincoln Congressmen get better treatment than Omaha immigrants?