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Jessica McClure Fundraiser by Seeing Red

We need your help!

Seeing Red Nebraska is having our first ever fundraiser for a political candidate and we want YOU to be a part of it. We’re raising money for a congressional candidate we endorsed back in the primary who continues to inspire us with her incredible ground game. Congratulations to Jessica McClure for earning the honor of the first recipient of a Seeing Red fundraiser!

Two ways you can help:

Donate directly

Buy swag (tote bag for all your library books!) with profits going to help elect Jessica McClure.

Available as a tote or a sticker

Here’s why she was selected

You, the readers of Seeing Red, know the local candidates in your communities. We know you are block captains getting voters registered and giving your time and treasure to down-ballot candidates kicking ass around the state. The editorial team discussed the landscape and decided that there is one candidate who deserves special attention from us — Jessica McClure. She’s not getting the national attention that Kara Eastman is getting (who we adore and cannot wait to see in Congress), because her fundraising numbers haven’t been high enough for out-of-state political analysts to take her seriously.

We believe she’s viable. We believe she can win. We have been convinced she’s running a winning campaign by her massive and well-organized voter contact work. Jessica is the first competitive candidate in CD1 that we’ve seen in many years and the state of Nebraska needs to rally around a seat that hasn’t been in our grasp since Rep. Fortenberry was elected in 2005. She beat a well-known Democrat in the primary by a margin of 2-1 and we know she’s going to be one of the many new women showing up to work in DC after the November elections.

We’re asking you to rally behind her and give her money to get through the home stretch. This will help with real costs like mail, yard signs, and billboards throughout the district. She’s put in the miles traveling to small towns and speaking directly to voters about what we all care about:  access to healthcare and fact- and science-based policy.

Again, there are two ways to help. Let’s get Jessica McClure to congress!

Donate directly

Buy swag (tote bag for all your library books!) with profits going to help elect Jessica McClure.