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Is the Legislature Safe for Liberal Voices?

This letter was sent to Speaker Sheer, along with all 49 senators on January 5th, 2018. As of this posting date, I have not received a response addressing my concerns.
Senator Jim Scheer
Speaker of the Legislature
Dear Speaker Scheer,
I would like to lodge an official complaint. I believe that Senator Steve Erdman has made public comments encouraging harm or violence towards two members on the board of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence.
In the witch hunt to silence speech that he does not agree with, he made a public statement with false information to local media. Senator Erdman’s comments read as an invitation to incite violence for political expediency.
Senator Erdman’s comments were understood by his constituent who asked others to visit the women in the night.

As vice president of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, through which I know Amanda Gailey and Courtney Lawton, I am asking that something be done about this. I would like to know that they are safe to come to the legislature to speak as citizens, that I am safe at the legislature as someone who also disagrees with Senator Erdman on at least one political issue, and that the state of Nebraska condemns these type of statements from the government.

Thank you,
Melody Vaccaro
Nebraskans Against Gun Violence
Copy: Nebraska Legislature

          Lincoln Journal Star

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