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Fuck You Friday: Separation of Church and State Edition

God Hates Heavy Metal

In today’s edition of Fuck You Friday, we will be raising two hearty middle fingers to Peter Ricketts, Matt Schulte, and the stupid “Serving Hands” sculptures that are being auctioned off today to further enrich a Christian organization with the help of the Governor and other elected officials. Peter Ricketts himself has placed one of the sculptures on state property in direct defiance of the US Constitution which mandates a separation of church and state. Luckily Nebraska hero Ernie Chambers is here to tell Peter that shit ain’t cool. He directly addresses it in pages 6-11 in his open letter to Peter Ricketts (which you should really read if you haven’t already). Pages 6 and 9 are below.

It is unconscionable that we continue to stand by and let the Governor steamroll over Nebraska to enrich his religious zealot friends while ignoring the very real needs of Nebraskans. Fuck you Peter, and fuck you Matt Schulte, and fuck you stupid serving hands.