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Deafening Silence from Nebraska Delegation on Shitholegate

It started out as just another ‘normal’ week during the Trump presidency:

  • Unhinged tweets from a madman sociopathic president
  • Even more documents released showing obvious Russian collusion in our election
  • The threat of nuclear war casting a pallor over the faces of simple American folks who really just wanted to raise their children in a world where a sentient bag of hair possessed by an ancient evil wasn’t hellbent on wiping out the entire human race because of its fragile ego

You know, the usual stuff.

That is, until the remark heard ’round the world.

No, not the one about the leader of the free world grabbing unsuspecting women by their pussies. That’s so 2016.

No, not the one where he made fun of a disabled reporter. And not the one about Mexicans being druggies and rapists. And not the one where he commented about a female Republican’s face or said something about dating his own daughter. And not the one about…

You know what? Let’s just move on to this week.

The news hit yesterday about this week’s Oval Office meeting during which the actual President of the United States spoke to a bipartisan group of lawmakers and allegedly (mmm-hmm, allegedly) uttered the following sentence outside of his puckered face hole:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

He was referring, of course, to countries where brown people reside, specifically Haiti, as well as African countries. He then went on to ever-so-eloquently pine for the days when folks came in droves from places much whiter, specifically Norway. Meanwhile, every Norwegian in Norway was like, “Nah. We’re all good here with our highly-rated and FREE education system, our gender parity, and free healthcare. Thanks though!”

(Fun fact: The Haiti comments came the day before the 8th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that killed 220,000-300,000 Haitians in 2009. #MAGA #YOLO #punchingdown)

Mango Mussolini, of course, denies having said such a ridiculously rancid and racist statement, as though the entire world hasn’t already seen the content of his character over and over and over again. He’s not fooling his rabid followers, who likely cheered such a deplorable comment, and he’s not fooling his detractors, who by now can barely see because they’ve sprained their eyeballs so many times over the past year.

Yes, this president wants us to believe his word over that of Senator Dick Durbin. The president who clocked an average of 5.5 lies per day during the first year of his presidency. That’s roughly 2,000 lies in 2017, but yeah, we should believe him over Durbin, who’s served the senate scandal-free since 1996.

Naturally, the reaction to the news was anything but favorable toward the Golfer In Chief. Worldwide leaders immediately condemned the remarks, as soon as they could pick their jaws up from off their respective floors.

Nebraska senators and congressmen immediately took to social media and the airwaves to make forceful condemnations about the fact that a sitting president would speak such atrocious, foul language, especially in the form of insults to other countries.

Just kidding. That never happened. They’ve all five said nothing thus far.

Five Republican cowards. Zero comments.

We here at Seeing Red Nebraska get it. Outrage fatigue is real. We can relate. 2017 was a doozy. But we’re also not employed full-time by the citizens of this country as a checks-and-balances system against tyranny.

Ben Sasse, who can always be counted on to make useless comments that mean nothing, but are designed by his publicity firm to make him appear to be a super-cute independent thinker in the permanently-crossed eyes of people who walk on their knuckles, could have tweeted something short and sweet. And wholly insincere, as per usual.

The doe-eyed senator, whose Twitter feed can only be described as #perplexingAF when laid out side-to-side with his voting record, could have regurgitated any comment at all to appear to be a statesman with a soul — despite his reliable rubberstamping of everything Trump. (For more information on what a reliable Trumpmuppet Sasse has been, check out this scathing review of his past year of lawmaking.)

Ben did no such thing.

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Nothing from Senator Sasse at all. Maybe he’s given up on his presidential aspirations now that the office has been completely debased by its current occupant.

Nothing from Senator Deb Fischer either.

Adrian Smith and Jeff Fortenberry? Nope.

The Fortenberry silence is especially befuddling, given the language being used. Twice during the first year of the Pussygrabber’s presidency, Fortenhair had signs placed in front of his Lincoln home calling him a “shithead” because of his votes on bills that could literally kill his constituents. Congressman Gaslighter called the signs “vandalism” and “violent” and “hate speech” and wept on live TV over the fact that his (adult) children were traumatized by the signs. Don’t take our word for it, though; check out his FOX News sobfest yourself. Bonus: Neil Cavuto in a pink tie!

It’s strange that “shithole” and “shithead” are only three letters off from each other, yet we haven’t yet seen Fortenberry crying on FOX News about how the president was out of line. I guess the average joe is now held to a higher standard than the man occupying the highest office in the land. Welcome to America 2018.

Presidents should NEVER be bothered to represent basic neighborliness.

So, off we go into another week of Trumpism, our Nebraska reps still silently, yet actively, complicit in every single vulgar horror transpiring.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Also, if you’d like to see how a real leader discusses a people consistently resilient enough to withstand tragedy and horror the likes of which none of us can imagine, give this a watch. Grab some tissues first though.