Land Back Mayor Leirion Niskíthe Prayer Camp

Niskíthe Community’s Fight to Protect their Sacred Land Continues

Nov. 18, 2022


Niskíthe Community Raises Tipi Outside Courthouse Ahead of Hearing 

Members of the Niskíthe Prayer Camp, the Indian Center, and Kathleen Danker head to Lancaster County District court today, Friday, Nov. 18th at 2:30pm to ask a judge to dismiss the City’s lawsuit against them. The city’s lawsuit seeks to bar the Native American residents from having access to the regular processes of the City of Lincoln Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Prior to the hearing, which will take place via zoom, Niskíthe community members will raise a tipi in front of the courthouse and hold an intertribal prayerful gathering, beginning at 12:30pm on Friday, Nov. 18th. The gathering will be peaceful and prayerful in nature with prayers from spiritual leaders and songs from community members.

The gathering in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse is open to the public. We ask that people come in a prayerful and peaceful manner. 

Additionally, the district court hearing will take place via zoom. Members of the public who wish to attend the zoom hearing may do so by clicking this Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 947 4347 9798. Microphones and video must be on mute. Members of the press should contact the court clerk or court media coordinator to coordinate any filming, recording, etc.

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