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Alleged Sex Pest Works at G.I. Church that Screened “Mind Polluters” Anti-Sex Ed Film

From the “Every Rightwing Accusation is an Admission” files…

On April 11, Peace Lutheran Church in Grand Island, Nebraska, hosted a screening of Mind Polluters, the anti-education conspiracy theory video that asserts that public schools are full of pedophiles who groom children. The conclusion you are supposed to draw from all this Q style nonsense is that your children are not safe around adults who, oh, let them read books or teach them the names and functions of body parts, and that they will be much better off schooled in settings like churches.

Advertisement for screening of Mind Polluters at Peace Lutheran Church in Grand Island.

Well, as it happens, Grand Island’s schools did employ one particular creeper back in 2008. The middle school teacher surrendered his teaching license after he was accused of passing a sexual note to a seventh grader. A student claimed that she had asked her teacher, Daniel Deida, to please not turn her friends over to another teacher for passing notes. Deida allegedly responded by asking the girl what she would do for him in return. The girl claimed that Deida approached her later and said that he had given some thought to what she could do for him but that she may not think of him the same way afterward. A few days later she says he made a comment that made her feel uncomfortable as he helped her set up her instrument in band class. After school, she said he handed her a handwritten note that said: “ok… don’t freak out, please! But lately I’ve found [you] very… ummm… attractive. i know, crazy, right? well, u look very good, ummm, even sexy sometimes. Anyways…tell me what you think, please!” In her complaint, two students were named as witnesses to Deida handing her the note.

The student’s family reported all of this, Deida surrendered his teaching license, and the indefinite revocation under various moral turpitude clauses was made official.

Don’t know about you, but this seems to be a case of a mind polluter–one who was actually removed from the public schools when his behavior came to light. And where did this apparent mind polluter scurry off to?

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Correct! Peace Lutheran Church, location of Protect Nebraska Children’s April 11 screening of Mind Polluters, where Deida is now the Director of Worship and Technology.

Daniel Deida, now at Peace Lutheran Church.