Dear Red

Dear Red: Advice for Living in a Fascist Hellscape

We are pleased to announce “Dear Red,” an advice column about navigating life in a fascist hellscape.

Send your questions to us (indicating it’s for “Dear Red”) and we will remove identifying information when we answer. You can email or find us on Twitter (@SeeingRedNE), Facebook, or Insta (@SeeingRedNE).

Dear Red FAQ

Are you mental health professionals?


Are you lawyers?


Do you have any particular qualifications to dole out advice?

Absolutely not.

Not even your own success story about living in a fascist hellscape?

Not even that.


People send us a lot of questions for some reason. Why not make it a column?

Who are you?

A gaggle of crones ranging from 20s to 50s with different jobs, backgrounds, religious views, etc. who just generally want everyone to be okay. Except Pete Ricketts.

How do you come up with your advice?

When we get a question we chat about your problem as pictured here.

What kinds of questions will you answer?

Pretty much anything—working in a fascist hellscape, dating in a fascist hellscape, parenting in a fascist hellscape, and whether your favorite band sucks.