Civic Engagement

It’s time to hit the streets

Okay, so it’s actually long past time to hit the streets, but now it is absolutely vital that every single person reading this take to the streets and do not stop until this fascist regime has been unseated. Do not wait for impeachment or the next election. Neither one of those things is going to remove the orange tyrant from office. I mean, Little Peter Ricketts won’t even give up where he bought his illegal execution drugs, so what makes you think the deranged narcissist he worships is going to give up what he perceives to be the most powerful position in the world? Pro tip: the most powerful position in the world isn’t in the White House, it is in the streets with your fellow humans, fighting against tyranny for justice and equality for all.

I know, it’s a lot. We are all exhausted. It has been a nonstop onslaught of violence and hate, racism, misogyny and homophobia, attacks on the working class, attacks on farmers, attacks on the gay, Muslim, Jewish, Latino, and Black communities by white supremacist domestic terrorists. The violence against and murder of transfolx has risen to epidemic proportions. There are concentration camps at the border where people seeking refuge from the violence in their own countries (violence that was caused directly by the United States government) are being sexually assaulted, starved, and left to die. Black men, women, and children are being murdered by out of control racist cops. Indigenous women are missing and murdered in astronomical numbers with no justice while elders are left to starve on reservations. Women and children are raped and sex trafficked by the most powerful men in the world and everyone shrugs and slut-shames and calls 12 year old kids “prostitutes”. We’re sick because we don’t have health care, we’re broke because we don’t get paid enough, our children are traumatized by active shooter drills because the NRA owns white male America and the “mental health care” system is utter shit so good luck with your kid’s PTSD. I have news for you. Nobody is going to save us but ourselves.

All across the United States people are hitting the streets en masse to protest Tr*mp and his cabal. He is getting booed at baseball games and at UFC events. Everywhere he or any member of his fascist regime goes, the people are there to greet them and the people are pissed. This Saturday it is our turn. Tr*mp’s biggest supporter, Lindsey Graham, will be in Omaha (I guess to somehow make sure all the American Bar Association rated “not qualified” {and in one case totally rape-y} judges appointed by 45 remain on the Supreme Court?) and we will be there to tell him HELL NO.

Ol’ Weak Chin Lindsey will be at the Champions Run Golf Course located at 13800 Eagle Run Drive in Omaha for an event that starts at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. There are several protests planned already (this one is being organized by the Nebraska Democratic Party), so you can get in on one of those, but if they don’t feel like your thing, feel free to do your own thing! Get creative with a costume or a Live Action Role Play or a dramatic re-enactment or even a big gay dance party. Plant yourself on the nearest public sidewalk to the golf course and let the world know that you are not having this bullshit. Bring a kazoo, bring a picnic, start a band and have your first practice there. Look to Joey Skaggs for inspiration. Recycle your Halloween costume and do the Monster Mash on Maple Street with the clever sign of your choice. The important thing is that we make ourselves seen and we make ourselves heard and we let these white supremacist evangelical fascists know that they do not rule us and they will not rule us. They will not tear us apart and they will not make us turn on our fellow humans. We outnumber them by the thousands, and we must be united as one. As always, keep it peaceful and remember that humor and unity and unbridled, unchecked joy while laughing in the face of our oppressors is the real kryptonite of these selfish, joyless, loveless tools of the patriarchy.

We’ll see you in the streets.