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Has anyone seen Adrian Smith?

Adrian Smith, candidate for House of Representatives in Nebraska’s 3rd District, and I are about the same age and we both grew up in Gering, Nebraska. I must admit, I don’t remember a whole lot about him because, well, he’s not that memorable. As anyone from a small town knows, regardless of how well you personally know someone from your small hometown you feel a personal connection to them. In a town of 8,000, we may as well have all been raised in the same house. Everybody knows everybody’s business. If you see a name you knew from high school in the news it’s a big deal. Depending why that person is in the news, you feel a personal sense of pride, shame,  joy, or horror because that is one of the 8,000 souls you grew up with.

Where Adrian Smith and I both grew up

Well, I am horrified. Every time I see Adrian Smith’s face in the news I think, “You could have done so much better. You could have made Gering proud”. Instead of being the pride of Gering, Nebraska, he continues to back and vote for policy that does nothing but harm to Nebraskans. Particularly to the farmers in his district.


Let’s talk about how he got to where he is today. Adrian Smith managed to squeak by his Democratic opponent Scott Kleeb by just 10 percentage points in 2006. That was only because the national GOP was watching him struggle and sent George H. Bush to Nebraska two days before the election to stump for him. Once he got his foot in the door, he was able to ride the “R” after his name through the next three elections despite doing very little but causing harm to the farmers and other Nebraskans in his district.


The only person Adrian Smith cares about is Adrian Smith.

I wish I could tell you his policy positions, but he refuses to debate his opponent Paul Theobald. Though, it does look like he did finally answer some questions from 10/11 yesterday. If you read those answers closely, you will see they aren’t answers at all – just typical word salad talking points vomited up by the unpolished turds of the GOP.  Adrian Smith continues to be a yes-man for this exceedingly corrupt administration. He refuses to debate Paul Theobald. He knows if he had to stand up in front of the citizens of Nebraska to answer their concerns about how he put their livelihoods at stake, he would be shamed from the room. Adrian Smith doesn’t care about you. The only person Adrian Smith cares about is Adrian Smith.


This election is likely to be the most important election of your lifetime. I know everyone is worried about the guy in the White House (you should be!) but remember the best place to start big changes is right here at home. Vote in someone who will stand up to the greedy plutocrats and fight for you. You can vote for hate, greed, and evangelical hypocrisy, or you can vote for someone who truly cares about the lives of Nebraskans and wants us all to do better.  Unlike Adrian Smith, instead of throwing us all under the bus at the whim of the totally bonkers dictator-in-training in the White House, Paul Theobald is happy to answer your questions. He will talk about your concerns. He will protect the livelihoods of Nebraskans.

Learn more about Paul here and then vote like your life depends on it next Tuesday (it does).

Paul, Paul, he’s our man