Civic Engagement

Facebook Ads – Proof NEGOP Thrives on Fear

Facebook has a new feature that empowers YOU to know more about the organizations that pay money to target you in elections.

Democrats see surfing and sunshine Republicans see death and destruction


  1. Click the “i” icon near the top of the ad. You’ll see a pop up like this and then click “See more information about this ad”
  2. From here you can see all the ads done by the page. Click around and learn what you can.

I followed the steps to see what the two biggest political parties are putting in front of Nebraskans.  I would encourage you to look for yourself and follow up on other organizations that use advertisements. I was not surprised to see that the Republicans are using fear as their strategy and the Democrats are using the theme of hard work.

What we learn from the Nebraska Democrats is that they really want people to vote and meet the candidates running. They put money into educating voters about their views on local and state-based issues like healthcare, farming, and the stories of their candidates.  

What we learn from the Nebraska Republicans is that they want people to vote on fear. They are talking about and showing pictures of people that don’t live in Nebraska. They aren’t showcasing their candidates or their ideas for the future. They advertise that they see problems without solutions.


Voter education and voter encouragement = Democratic Strategy
Fear mongering and hateful rhetoric = Republican Strategy

 It cannot be more clear – stop voting for Republicans. This isn’t “both sides-ism”. Republicans are sowing fear, hate, and violence based politics and it’s turning into real-life mass shootings. Democrats are pushing hope, education, and people based politics and it’s turning into engaged voters and at least one hilarious prank.