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A Man Brought a Gun to Lincoln Public Schools

Why was a man allowed to bring a gun into a school meeting in Lincoln without being charged with breaking the law? Why was he offered the chance to store the weapon in his car and then allowed back in the meeting? The law is very clear when it comes to guns and schools in […]

Housing and Community

South O Development and the Lack of Transparency by the City – AGAIN

The Intersections development by Community Health Development Partners (CHDP), proposed to take place in South Omaha, NE, needs to be looked at more critically to ensure we are doing what is best for the community. Upon watching this unfold, changes need to be made to Nebraska Development Law that reenforces community input and protects people. […]

Education SRN Boos the News

Seeing Red Boos The News: No, That’s Not What the Legislature is Deciding

Well, the local press is at it again and we are here to boo them. This time, our teachers are the victims. Let’s start with the headline. The point of a headline is to summarize the article so the reader knows what they should take away from the piece. The problem is, the article buries […]