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Barbara Ramsey is Running for Congress!

And we are living!

Barbara Ramsey, Candidate for NE CD1

Ahead of her campaign launch on Thursday, October 10th, we wanted to introduce you to our newest shero, Babs, with the top 10 things you should know about this hardworking, determined woman.

  1. Babs is running to represent Nebraska’s first congressional district after watching Jeff Fortenberry vote a against the well-being of Nebraskans, again and again, from healthcare to the minimum wage to women’s rights. Babs knows she can do better.
  2. She learned to feed cows, bale hay, and drive stick shift growing up on a farm in Iowa.
  3. Babs supports family-friendly policies, including paid maternity and paternity leave and universal childcare and Pre-K. She knows these policies promote healthy child development, strong families, and economic growth. Win. Win. Win.
  4. A self-described data nerd, she cites studies on everything from Nebraska’s potential for solar and wind energy to the economic boost that would be created by forgiving student loan debt.
  5. Babs believes in the value of human life. In her positions on civil rights, healthcare, and gun control, it is clear she values and respects the lives of all people.

Still with me?

6. Babs also respects the planet and wants to bring farmers to the table to address climate change through sustainable farming practices that can feed the country and reduce carbon in the atmosphere. She also wants to pursue clean energy and parlay these innovations into high paying jobs by working with community colleges to train workers.

7. She would be the fierce advocate for LGBTQ folx that we desperately need at the national level, and as a leader in the state. She would also be the first trans congresswoman.

8. Babs, like Morgann Freeman, believes that building solidarity is how we take back power in our democracy. She believes that we do this by recognizing our similarities and getting to know one another as people.

9. She has moxie. She has pluck. She has guts. She has no time for naysayers and is in it to win it.

10. Babs, like Jessica McClure before her, is running against an entrenched Republican with a massive war chest. This means she needs not just donations for access to databases, to support travel to the far ends of our surprisingly big district, and ads, yard signs, and all the other costs of a campaign,  but she also needs volunteers to make calls and knock doors. Please give what you can and sign up to volunteer.

Be on the lookout for an in-depth interview in the coming weeks, and in the meantime, see you at Bab’s launch party! Or if you can’t make that, Seeing Red is hosting a fundraiser on November 5th- keep your eyes peeled for deets!

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