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Author: Stephen Ramsay

Just Grab ‘Em In the Posse

3 months ago

820 words

President Trump has sent thousands of active-duty military troops to the southern border of the U.S.  Last Friday, Governor Pete Ricketts said that Nebraska “stand[s] ready to send additional troops to aid this mission if called upon.”   And what is that mission?  Well, President Trump has made it very clear.  The caravan of mostly…

The Future of Higher Education in Nebraska

12 months ago

1417 words

Yesterday, we had a lot of people — from all across the state — turning out for “NU Advocacy Day.”  Some of them had never been to the State Capitol (or not since their sixth-grade field trip), and the group included students, faculty, and citizens all running around meeting with senators and talking about the…

The Big Red Scare

1 year ago

936 words

As everyone knows by now, Courtney Lawton, a graduate student in the English Department at UNL, was relieved of her teaching duties because she flipped off a student and called her a “Becky” (among other things). Except that that’s actually completely wrong. The official reason Courtney Lawton was relieved of her teaching duties, is that…