Brazil Creep of Fascism Guns

Help us to denounce the relationship between the NRA and the Bolsonaro family

We have gathered enough information to demonstrate that the NRA has been liaising with the Brazilian far-right president Jair Bolsonaro’s family since at least January 2017.

There is robust evidence that the NRA may have helped the Bolsonaro family to find wealthy partners in the United States to bankroll their campaigns in the 2018 general election in Brazil.

Since the beginning of the Bolsonaro’s government, the Brazilian Disarmament Statute has been altered many times and consequently has flooded the largest South American country with imported weapons–with many of them coming from the American industry.

The interference of the NRA in another country is not something new. The organization, on behalf of the American gun industry, has its own methods to help foreign politicians to soften the gun control legislation in their countries to facilitate the importation of weapons. The NRA’s support package includes the design of marketing strategies to promote guns to civilians and the connection between foreign far-right parties, American conservative politicians and large corporations.

Eduardo Bolsonaro is seen here promoting the NRA to his followers from the Las Vegas Shot Show in January 2022. Bolsonaro has attended the Shot Show for several years, initially introduced to the firearm industry there by Omaha’s 88 Tactical, where two of his friends work.

We invite you to access the five articles that are published in Seeing Red Nebraska to understand the relationship between the Bolsonaro family, the NRA and the shooting club based in Omaha named 88 Tactical that displays symbols related to Nazism.

We ask you please to share this post with media and political contacts. See below the links for the articles.

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