Nebraska Politics

Urgent – Be a Candidate!


In the Trump and Ricketts era, we must win offices in 2018. We must remove the party in power that runs unopposed nazis and men banned from malls after harassing teenage girls, and who elected the pussy grabber in chief.

The deadline is approaching and there are still many incumbents running unopposed. Being that we have nearly unanimous one party rule, if you aren’t in the majority party, this is a BIG problem. If you care about gun control, education, environment, legalizing pot, equality, voting rights, gerrymandering, or basically anything that makes the lives of Nebraskans better, you need to rectify the candidate problem.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Pull a list of your districts here:
  2. Look for your districts on this list:
  3. If you see one of your districts and only one name is listed, we need to you to run for office or find someone in your district to run and promise to help them.
  4. March 1, 2018 is the deadline to file.

There are local resources for you and your network. Reach out and do your part to save our democracy from fascism.

Quick Facts –

-If the incumbent is unopposed, you may be the only other person in the race. That means you are guaranteed a spot on the November ballot and have time to prepare a great campaign.

-If you are tired of your ballot being people who don’t speak strongly about your issue, now is the time to change that. You can be that person.

One reason that Republicans have so much campaign money is they don’t have to spend it when they are unopposed. They get to use that much more on the few races where there is opposition.

-If the state of our democracy doesn’t compel you to launch, what would? When will there be a better time?