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Seeing Red Shoutout – Let’s All Be More Like Judy

Just when you thought it was going to be business as usual for the Labor Day weekend and the first football game of the season, along comes Judy King to save us from ennui and the patriarchy. You see, our hero Judy was at the stadium today to enjoy some football and fresh air with her fellow Nebraskans. All was going well until she looked up to see none other than Ben “Bootlicker” Sasse doing his yearly bullshit shtick of pretending to sell Runzas at the first football game of the season.

Does this Runza employee have a food-handlers permit?

Last October, Judy had flown to DC along with over two dozen sexual assault survivors to talk to Ben Sasse about his vote to confirm rapist Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He had not yet voted to confirm but everybody knew he would, regardless of what bullshit bluster fell out of his mouth to try to convince people he was actually thoughtfully ruminating (about CONFIRMING a RAPIST to the SUPREME COURT) instead of just doing what he is told. Of course Ben “Misogynist Fuckwad” Sasse refused to meet with the rape survivors. He couldn’t care less. So when Ben “Cowlick Coward” Sasse made his once a year appearance among the plebes to hurl Runzas at them like some deranged fascist Santa, Judy went into immediate Scully mode.

Remembering how he had blown off 30 rape survivors who had flown all the way to DC to beg him not to confirm a rapist to the nation’s highest court last year, our hero immediately jumped out of her seat to get answers from her representative. “Why are you slinging Runzas when our farmers are under water?”, she asked him. “Do your job!”. His response? “I’m not going to do this here”. Like the coward he is, Ben squealed for the cops who evicted our hero from the stadium for trying to get answers from an elected official who avoids his constituents at every turn.

Let’s all take a lesson from our hero. All these “representatives” who avoid their constituents the rest of the year are going to be in Nebraska all this long weekend. If you see them, call them out. Don’t let these walking bullshit factories who spend the few weeks of the year they actually “work” passing legislation that actively harms the majority of Nebraskans just stroll into town like everything is cool. We do not put on the teakettle and bake cupcakes for those who are actively harming us. We demand representation that actually represents us, and if they don’t want to talk to us, they don’t get to keep their jobs.

On the off chance any of these “representatives” happens to have a town hall while they are on break, you can find helpful tips in our Town Halls 101 article.

We salute you, Judy! Thank you for your tenacity and courage in calling out the bought and paid for shills who are selling out Nebraska to the highest bidder. THIS is how resistance is done. Go ahead and sign those petitions and write those letters, but more importantly take your activism to the streets and in the faces of those who think they can stomp all over the little guy for the benefit of the rich and cowardly. As Sarah mentioned in her Red State recap last week, nobody is coming to save us, not Democrats, not Libertarians, certainly not the GOP. It is up to us to rise up in the streets and put an end to this fascism.

Our hero after being ejected from today’s football game for demanding answers from her elected representative.

**UPDATE!** It turns out Judy was not the first person to appropriately greet Sasse today. Local social worker Elena Grace also had a word with Sasse before Judy spotted him. We believe this may be a record number of constituent interactions for Senator Sasse.

Elena introduced herself to Senator Sasse and he was so pleased and smarmy until she started talking. She asked him to verify that he is “pro-life” which of course he did. Elena then asked what he was doing to help the children at the border, his being so “pro-life” and all. He told her it is a complicated issue (hint: it’s not – close the concentration camps) and he didn’t have time to get into a complex policy discussion right now. When she pressed him about his dedication to the kids being held in cages at the border he then told her that he “cares about families” but that Democrats have stopped their efforts to try to solve the issue. Ben Sasse’s Washington office phone number is 202-224-4224.

Elena was also not having it today.