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Fact Check – DHHS

The facts don’t match up to what the DHHS spokesperson, Khalilah LeGrand, is saying to the Omaha World Herald in response to the Union’s request that more people be sent home to work.

The union for state workers is fighting for more people to work from home, like call center employees, and to get hazard pay for the people that must come into the office and serve in essential government roles. Currently there’s a rule in place that 60% of staff must be in the office, no matter the type of work being done in that department. That means there are surely people who aren’t essential, showing up to the office everyday. The spokesperson for the state has said that she was unaware of the 60% rule.

We’ve obtained an email from DHHS supervisor, Sheila Bacon, which clearly says that employees are being asked to keep 60% of their staff in the office during a pandemic while leadership is unified that as many people as possible need to be working from home.

You can read the email for yourself below. Based on my reading, the supervisor didn’t create the rule, but is informing state of a rule that came from higher up the leadership chain.

Actual photo of how they are putting safety first for state workers.