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The Governor is Attempting to fill the DHHS with Anti-Abortion Crusaders

The state public health department is being overtaken for political reasons in yet another effort by the governor to attack family planning and public health in general. And in true NEGOP fashion, this clumsy takeover is being attempted with poor grammar, bad spelling, and plain old nonsensical ramblings.. A global pandemic placed public health in […]

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Testimony to the Nebraska Capitol Commission on Rules Governing Free Speech on Capitol Grounds

Hello, My name is Patricia Wonch Hill and I want to thank the Capitol Commission in advance for hearing my public comments today. I am here today because I am looking for clarification and for an update from this commission to the use and rules of the public spaces on the capitol grounds. The Nebraska […]

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It’s a nice day for a…white wiener

Can we please declare Nebraska’s official state animal the white wiener? Right now it’s the white-tailed deer, and you did not know that, but you do know that the entire damn state worships the phallus of the white man, so let’s just make it official. A simple blog entry could not begin to detail the […]

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Why Won’t Chris Janicek Step Down?

Content warning: this post discusses a comment that describes sexual assault. On Tuesday, June 16, state and national media reported that the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, Chris Janicek, had been asked by the Nebraska Democratic Party to officially exit the race. Janicek sent a text to a group of campaign staffers describing an argument […]

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Fortenberry’s Staff Mock Constituent after Forgetting to Hang Up Phone

Hartley told Seeing Red Nebraska that when she was done speaking the staffer asked her for her full name and address, then replied “Have a nice day”–but did not actually hang up.

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Ricketts Presser Recap – 5/15/20

Sorry we are a little late on this one, but as we were going back over our notes from last Friday’s presser for a separate article, we realized a recap from last Friday was needed because it was … a lot. Off we go. As always, Ricketts started off with a plea to sign up […]

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Can We Get a Wellness Check on Ben Sasse?

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse delivered the online commencement address to students graduating from his alma mater, Fremont High School, on Saturday, May 16. Students may have anticipated that the self-styled Never-Trump sage of the Senate would offer some inspirational remarks, or, failing that, some boring pablum. Instead, we all got to watch what happens when […]

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Killing Nebraskans for a Profit

In his daily briefing last Friday, Ricketts joined Scott Frakes in assuring the public that our overcrowded prisons are, despite the recent positive coronavirus test of a corrections employee at NSP, safe spaces for the incarcerated members of our community.  According to Frakes, the inmates receive health care that is “better than what many Nebraskans […]

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Playing COVID-19 Whack-a-Mole In Nebraska

We are having a COVID-19 communication problem in Nebraska. Everyone seems to be on a different page. First, on the national stage, it is clear that Nebraska has some magical plan that differs from roughly 40 other states (give or take) because . . . ? Fill in the blank. Fill in the blank on […]

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Sasse is a Prick

Last Wednesday, I decided that I’d had enough with Senator Ben Sasse’s bullshit mountain after his attempt to tack an amendment onto the Senate’s economic stabilization package that he claimed “would fix the bill’s perverse incentive to increase unemployment.” Nebraska’s intransigent troglodyte in residence attempted to argue on the Senate’s floor that the rescue package […]