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Using Power for Good

Everyone knows that the real heroes of the pandemic are the front line workers. People like healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and truckers deserve hazard pay, trophies, and our respect forever. They are risking their lives and that of their families for the greater good to keep things going and take care of their communities. […]

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Dear Government – You Must Govern Better Than Ever Before

I am thanking my stars that I live in a state that is in partnership with the leading scientists on pandemics at UNMC. I’ve been seeing people like the head of Nebraska Education really step up and show they can handle the pressure and give leadership to the public in a confusing time. I am […]

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So Why Does Governor Needles Want His Favorite Veterinarian on the Board of Health?

Could former senator John Kuehn be the way Ricketts procured fentanyl for the state’s most recent execution?

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Investigating Four Rapes Out of 353 is Not An Accomplishment to be Lauded

Yesterday the Lincoln Journal Star published an article stating that the LPD is finally getting around to testing just a few of the almost 400 untested rape kits in their backlog going back to 2004. This backlog update is super interesting to me considering the Lincoln Police Department previously claimed to have NO backlog of […]

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Nebraska’s Community Leaders Need to Stop Dicking Around

Nebraska, we need to figure out whether we want our state to be a welcoming place that treats people from diverse backgrounds equitably, or a place that lives up to its tourist slogan, “Nebraska: Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” If we want to live in a state that caters only to the racial and religious […]

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Transcript of Ferial Pearson’s Talk on “Power and Identity” to Platteview Senior High School

Hello everybody. Welcome back to school. I may–just so you’re not concerned–I do use a cane sometimes and sometimes I don’t need it. So if I put it down and start walking, it’s not a miracle. I’m not cured. I just sometimes I don’t need it.  Cool? Alright.  So how many of you are wondering […]

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Jeff Fortenberry’s Abuse of Power: Episode Number We Lost Count

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry held two town halls this week, one in Bellevue and one in Lincoln. We posted a guide to maximizing town hall opportunities by making a sign to keep on your lap in the front row, and one constituent, Brian Reitz, did just that. As you might have imagined, this did not sit […]


This Is How Misogyny Happens

On Thursday night, Rasha Khaled of Lincoln was murdered by her husband, who then killed himself. Their five children, ages 14, 13, 10, 5, and 3, were present in the home at the time of the murder. Friends of the murderer decided to hold a candlelight vigil for the man, and bafflingly, the local ABC […]

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What in the . . . ?! A guide to all those words on the ballot this year

For all of you used to just seeing a list of names and some ovals on your ballot, this year’s city elections may come as something of a shock.  Our ballots regularly feature one or two big giant blocks of legalese, asking us to vote to fund street repair or storm water management, but this […]

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Nebraska Needs to Fix its Academic Freedom Problem.

Nebraska has a terrible record when it comes to academic freedom and freedom of speech, and it’s time we take it seriously. Here is some historical background followed by a practical recommendation. The past two years have been particularly egregious for academic freedom in Nebraska. This week the Nebraska Republican Party insisted that Creighton University, […]