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Shutdown Was Hard on Native Community – You Can Help

3 weeks ago

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The long federal government shutdown was particularly hard on Nebraska’s native community. Mechelle Walker, a member of the Omaha Tribe who recently ran for the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District 1, says that services to native people in the state are chronically underfunded and the shutdown depleted already strained budgets. Many of the services…

Silence is NOT an Option

10 months ago

797 words

We’re proud to share a recent editorial shared in the Lincoln Journal Star, by Amanda Gailey and Patricia Wonch Hill, editors at Seeing Red. Here’s my $.02 regarding their piece. Nebraskans have always believed in civic engagement. Our state legislature, the unicameral, is designed to be the most transparent and engaging political process in the country.…

An Empire of Misery, Headquartered in Grand Island

12 months ago

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The National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors includes one Nebraskan, Steve Hornady of Grand Island. Hornady owns Hornady Manufacturing, which manufactures ammunition. The company is financially very successful, so they enjoy awards and recognition in the state and national business community. Such recognition aggrandizes and normalizes them, and does not critically examine where this wealth…

How the NRA Operates in the Nebraska Unicam

1 year ago

751 words

In the aftermath of another horrific and preventable school shooting, more people want to know how we came to live in a country that values the profits of the gun industry over the lives of children. The short answer to that question is that gun manufacturers and their lobbying arm, the National Rifle Association, have…