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Category: Immigration

“Suffer the Children” is Not an Immigration Policy

3 months ago

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Editor’s Note: Reader submission by Gordon Hopkins   Her name is Phan Thi Kim Phúc. Do you know who she is? Perhaps not. If you are “of a certain age,” like myself, you have certainly seen her. Her image was every bit an icon of the early seventies as the bright yellow “smiley face” and…

Just Grab ‘Em In the Posse

3 months ago

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President Trump has sent thousands of active-duty military troops to the southern border of the U.S.  Last Friday, Governor Pete Ricketts said that Nebraska “stand[s] ready to send additional troops to aid this mission if called upon.”   And what is that mission?  Well, President Trump has made it very clear.  The caravan of mostly…

Save Your “Zero Tolerance” for ICE

8 months ago

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Last month, Seeing Red Nebraska wrote that Democrats Need to Commit to Dismantling ICE and we meant it. Last night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the NY-14 primary after she campaigned on a platform that included abolishing ICE. Since our first post on the subject in May, many new details have come to light about this full-on humanitarian crisis.…

“America First” is “I’m Next” and Then “You’re Next”

8 months ago

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What’s happening to immigrants and undocumented in this country is a shameful abomination future generations will judge all of us by. The practice of turning away asylum seekers at the border has suddenly become routine, in defiance of U.S. and International law. In a six week period, 2,000 children have been taken and imprisoned. The…