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Lincoln Officials Are Playing Games to Keep Public Records Secret

Seeing Red Nebraska has previously covered abuses of our state open records law. Open records laws (also called FOIA, though technically FOIA is federal) are important instruments of governmental transparency–in theory. In practice, some of the most powerful officials avoid open records laws either by exempting themselves from the law–as is the case with federal […]

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COVID Update, July 7

Governor Pete Ricketts reduced his daily press conferences to once a week, then decided yesterday to simply cancel with no prior notice or explanation. So we at Seeing Red Nebraska will update you instead. For starters, COVID cases in areas of Nebraska look like they are starting to surge, and this is particularly alarming because […]

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LOL Ricketts’s minions edit some audio and pretend to be “Anonymous”

The total disregard for what black leaders said happened in that meeting, based on laughable “evidence,” is part and parcel of why we have riots in this country right now. The worst white man is taken more seriously than the best black people, and local media is here for it.

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Pandemic Tech Bros are the New Wartime Swindlers

Yesterday’s textile bros are today’s tech bros, passing off shoddy testing instead of shoddy uniforms, easily finding willing dupes in incompetent governors’ offices.

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Ricketts Hates State Workers

Have you ever wondered why someone who hates “big government” decides they would like to run it? They have absolutely no incentive to make government work for the average person, and in fact, they purposely defund and create red tape in order to create inefficiencies and burdens so that they can prove to their constituents […]

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What You Need to Know about TestNebraska

You have probably heard about Test Nebraska, a new web site collecting personal health information in response to the coronavirus epidemic. A lot of disconcerting information is coming out about this web site and the companies behind it. Here are some facts you need to know. The Ricketts administration signed a $27 million no-bid contract […]

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The Ricketts Strategy: Why make the rich prevent death now when you can just bleed the public for it later?

As the corona virus is spreading exponentially through Nebraska, one hot spot popping up after another, the rest of America is wondering why our governor is lifting our light social distancing restrictions instead of strengthening them. The answer is that he does not want his loyal corporate class to feel any pain when he can […]

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Peter’s Plague: A Story on Racist Scapegoating

We, here at Seeing Red are committed to continuing to watch Ricketts’ daily racially coded press conference so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome. It is absolutely detrimental to every viewer’s mental health, but we will gladly shoulder that burden so you don’t have to. Today he made it 32 full minutes before turning […]

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Gov. Ricketts Scapegoats Immigrant Workers for Viral Spread

Since Nebraska started seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases in rural communities, the governor has been shamelessly scapegoating our immigrant population, from blaming the outbreaks on a Quinceañera that occurred the same night as his friend Julie Slama’s state basketball party, to his latest suggestion at his press conferences that those who do not have English […]

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Nebraska’s Director Of Public Health? Another Ricketts Donor.

In August 2019 Governor Pete Ricketts appointed Dr. Gary Anthone Chief Medical Officer and Director Of Public Health for the state of Nebraska. Prior to that, Dr. Anthone was a bariatric surgeon in private practice in Omaha. It should surprise no one to learn that Anthone shows up in public disclosure forms as having donated […]